5 thoughts on “When raising cats, let cats go out alone, is it safe?”

  1. Try not to let the cat go out alone, very unsafe.
    Maton that cats who move outdoors sometimes do not go home under unmanned control. This is not to say that they decide to live elsewhere, some of them are abducted; others are found to die or injured. The thief or some gangs wandered in the community to find those who called them "friendly dogs and cats", and then sold them to cats and dogs, which sold them to the laboratory. In the world full of stray men, mental illness, narrow -minded neighbors, boring young people holding baseball sticks, mouse medicines and antifreeze sprinkled on the ground, the number of animals disappear every year is amazing.

    The people who have rational people will say "but it wants to go out.", "Our community is very safe.", "It's too cruel to keep her at home." Children go to the street alone.

    The terrible lessons warn us not to let cats go out alone.
    In POMPANO in Florida, many lost cats and dogs were caught in a huge warehouse to train dogs.
    It in South Dakota, a fur merchant was found to sell cats. In Washington, a cat went out as usual, but when he came back, he was full of burns caused by oil for cooking.
    In California, a woman looking for her two cats found that they were shot through arrows.
    . Before I understood this truth, my cat disappeared for three days. When I found that it was lying on the back door steps, its lungs and ribs were severely injured.

  2. It is safe to raise a cat to go out alone, because the cat is very smart. Don't be afraid, it's a cat, and the deliciousness of other people's homes will not come back.

  3. safe. After all, the cat's flexibility is very high. People generally cannot catch it, and the cats are smarter, and they will not make mistakes in their homes. But the cat’s mouth is relatively nobble, and it is necessary to prevent it from running someone else's house.

  4. When Yang Cat let the cat go out alone, is it safe? The general situation is safer, but don't let her go to a lot of people to make trouble. Where is it?

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