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  1. How to bring cats to foreign countries?

    It takes an aviation method as an example.
    If according to the provisions of the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration, transportation of small animals has corresponding regulations:
    The animals refer to the cats and dogs raised by the family to play pets. (Wild animals and animals with strange or easy -to -hurt people such as snakes, such as small animals, do not belong to small animals) Passengers must be proposed when carrying small animals at a fixed seat or ticket purchase, and provides animal quarantine certificates. Consignment.
    The passengers should transport small animals to the airport for consignment procedures on the day of the time specified by the airline. International flights must also have valid documents required to enter or transit for small animals in China and transportation in China and transportation.
    The container of small animals should meet the following requirements:
    (1) It can prevent small animals from damaging, escapeing and extending the container to damage passengers, luggage or goods.
    (2) Ensure that air circulation does not cause small animals to suffocate.
    (3) It can prevent feces from overflowing, so as not to pollute aircraft, on -board equipment and other items.
    A small animals carried by passengers cannot be transported in the cabin except the airlines. The weight of small animals and their containers shall be charged separately according to the standards of overweight baggage fees. Small animals were injured, lost, delayed, delayed, ill or died, and airlines were not responsible.
    Extension information:
    . Extract the consignment luggage
    When you extract your checked baggage at your destination, please check the luggage brands carefully to avoid getting the wrong luggage and check the basic situation of the luggage, confirm the luggage intact.
    . Consignment luggage late to
    Meadic checked baggage due to airlines failed to reach the same machine with passengers, causing inconvenient travel life. Passengers can receive regulations at the parking area or destination airport. Compensation fee for temporary daily necessities.
    . Consignment luggage accidents
    The check luggage transportation is delayed, damaged or lost. Please contact the luggage inquiry department immediately at the Hong Kong Hall at the airport. The boarding passenger, luggage plates and identity documents must be presented, filling in the "Baggage Transport Accident Records", and confirming the contents. If the consignment luggage is lost, it should be objected to the carrier within seven days from the date of receiving the checked baggage.
    . Come on with abnormal transportation of luggage
    The luggage loss, damage or internal material loss can apply to the airline for compensation. In addition to the luggage that declares the value of the statement, the maximum limit for luggage compensation is: each passenger of domestic routes is 100 yuan per kilogram. The maximum limit for each passenger of international routes is 1131 special withdrawal rights, which is the maximum liability limit.
    If discount value of your items is lower than the maximum limit, it will get compensation paid at a lower value. Passengers carry items with them, and their custody responsibility is the passenger himself. Except for the proof of clearing the responsibility of airlines, compensation is not paid.
    Reference information Source: China Civil Aviation Administration-Luggage

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