5 thoughts on “Can cats catch dogs?”

  1. It can be claimed by a pet to be bitten. As long as you find the owner of a cat and dog, you can find a compensation after being injured.

  2. Of course it is compensated. I have handled many cases of customers being bitten by dogs, 100%compensation, but I am in Ping An of China. I don’t know how Chinese Life deal with such things. The service hotline of the agent or dialing life 95519 Wish you to recover soon!
    If the insurance type you buy is only "accidental injury inpatient medical insurance", only the medical insurance for hospitalization is provided, and it does not include outpatient costs. If the purchase package, the main insurance is comprehensive accidental damage insurance, for the compensation of accidental damage or disability, and additional insurance is "accidental injury inpatient medical insurance". It is only for hospitalized medical compensation and does not target outpatient clinics. If the customer purchases "accidental injury medical insurance", all can be paid.

  3. Cats are responsible for catching dogs and bite. They must have pets with germs, especially dog ​​bites to be a rabies vaccine. The cat's cat's virus should be dealt with in time. The damage must be paid.

  4. I think as long as the cat is grabbing the skin, the dog bite needs to pay for the cat and dog owner. Because whether it is a cat or a dog scratching, it must be injected with rabies vaccine within 24 hours. This medicine cost may require cats and dog owners!

  5. Can dog bite be paid? Of course, you have to pay, because the cat and the dog bite people, you must pay. This is reasonable and should be done.

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