5 thoughts on “Is it dangerous to kiss cats and dogs?”

  1. not good! Mainly because of bacteria. Keep a point distance from your pet
    Dogs and cats are the source of infectious diseases of some major animal infectious diseases. Dog's Eric's disease can be transmitted to people through nodular animals. Once a person is infected, it will cause a series of serious diseases such as the heart, nerves, and skin. In addition, hook -side spiny disease, Bruceta, tuberculosis, bowwormy disease, rotor cloid disease, tapeworm disease, Chinese testes, katonoplastmonic spore disease, mustard mites, etc. can be transmitted to people Essence However, after being vaccinated or taking insect repellent, it is generally not sick. Once a person is bitten by a dog, he should immediately injected a rabies vaccine. The bite animal should be isolated for quarantine, and the isolation time should be at least 10 days. Dogs of rabies have changed in the early days of onset, tails drooping, no spirit, less eating, and indifferent to the owner. After about two days, I entered the excitement, the bark changed, and I was chaotic. When I walked, I bowed my head and walked straight. Often, I suddenly bite people and bite other animals, swallowed foreign objects, and did not recognize acquaintances.

    The cat bites people, and it is more powerful than a dog. In various people and animals suffering from diseases, cat bite diseases have risen in recent years. This disease is more common in children and teenagers who like to play cats. Therefore, when playing with cats, be careful not to be caught by the cat. Once you are caught or bitten, you must immediately injected the rabies vaccine. They must do serum examination regularly. In addition, do not have too close contact with them, such as kissing; after playing with kittens and puppies, you must wash your hands to eat.

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  3. The danger is not to say that there is bacteria ....
    but sometimes I am very close to the cat, usually there is nothing ...
    of course hygiene is not hygienic ...

  4. There is no danger, but don’t be too close to him because the dog is more excited at this time and it is easy to bite your face

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