1 thought on “Some people have cats at home, and mice? Do you dare not come?”

  1. Raising a cat may rush away the mouse.

    . Why do cats eat mice, first talk about the cat's diet.
    This in the cat's body requires a kind of amino acid called taurine. This substance plays a unique effect on promoting brain development, maintaining normal internal organs, and retinal functions.
    lack of this kind of substance, the cat can't see things clearly at night when he reached out without seeing the five fingers; if you significantly reduce the amount of taurine of pregnant cats, it will not only cause the cat's retinopus to degenerate, even blindness, but also the cat will be blind, and the cat will be blind. After the baby is born, the phenomenon of abnormal vision will be experienced, which will develop hypertrophic myocarditis or even infertility.
    The two most important points of taurine are to prevent the degeneration of cats and ensure the normal operation of the cat's heart and muscles.
    This lack of taurine, severe heart disease that threatens life. Like dilated cardiomyopathy is fatal, because the ventricular cavity of the heart cannot be effectively supplying blood to the heart, which causes blood clogging in the heart to cause heart failure.
    This cannot make taurine itself, while mice are rich in taurine. Therefore, cats and mice have become enemies.
    This mice are not because they are delicious, but because cats need to supplement taurine.
    , and now cats rarely catch mice. Because the owners are raised as pets, nutritional intake is sufficient.
    S especially long hair cats, bun face cats, are more pet type, not good at catching mice.
    , but after all, cats still like to move, they may scare the mice, and they may kill the mouse to dedicate it to you.
    It several kinds of mouse catchers, put down the picture, see the joy or not, but it is difficult to say:
    1, Maine Cat: Maine Kuron cat's mouse catcher skills are exquisite, so it is also therefore Make this kind of long -haired cat born in Maine, the United States. Through the unique reproduction plan, this cat developed into a strong body, especially suitable for living in strong winter and different seasons. The beautiful appearance of Maine Cuncat is often appreciated.
    2, American short -haired cats: The national short -haired cat is in the body, the bones are strong, the muscles are developed, the muscles are clever, docile and docile, and it is a large variety of short -haired cats. The cat is thick and dense, with more than 30 types of coat, of which silver stripes are particularly valuable.

    In fact, there are very few cats with short -haired face, trying to accept some ordinary cats.
    In fact, they are very docile, because most of the mouse catchers are short -haired cats. If not, there are many options if they are not catcasing. The key depends on the personality of the individual.

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