4 thoughts on “What happened to the cat without spiritual sleep?”

  1. Cats become listless and have been sleeping, which may be caused by anemia.

    Cat anemia must first confirm whether nutritional anemia, disease or parasite. Nutritional anemia solves requires a period of hematopoietic treasure nutrition cream for a period of time, and feeds two to three lean meat or animal liver in the short term. Diseases and parasites need to be checked at pet hospitals. If it is caused by the disease, it is necessary to treat primary diseases. During the treatment process, blood enrichment can be used to improve anemia. Anemia caused by parasites, on the one hand, can take insect repellent caused by intestinal parasites. On the other hand, it is caused by blood parasites and can inject pets for pets in pet hospitals to kill insecticides, such as bloodworm nets and triangular nitrogen crickets.

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  2. Cats do not like to play, eat, and always sleep. It may be a signal that it is sick.
    I I suggest that you measure the individual temperature, and the thermometer of the human body is sandwiched to its hind legs. The normal body temperature of the cat is between 38 and 39 degrees. The results of the hind legs are lower than the actual. If it is measured 39 degrees, it means that it has a fever.
    It, is it normal and urine? Is there any symptoms of cough, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea? What do you usually use as a staple food?
    did you say that cats will go out at night. Is it possible to encounter a stray cat or be scraped by something sharp on the road? You carefully check the pustules that are swollen and swollen in its whole body. Pustules will cause hair to fall off and cause fever.
    It may also catch a cold, now it's cold.
    Paping may also lead to a loss of appetite. If it is not repeated for a long time, it is recommended to repel deworming.
    In the reminder, if it goes out often, remember to give it a rabies vaccine on time.

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