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  1. Casting is to do sterilization for cats. Doing sterilization for cats is good for cats and cat owners. The benefits of cat sterilization:
    1. Avoid or reduce the trouble caused by estrus. Cats will no longer lose and disturb the people because of their estrus, avoiding the double pain of the owner and cat. Sterilization can also get rid of the tension, irritability, and decreased appetite caused by estrus, and restore the original lively nature.
    2, can reduce the occurrence of disease. Cats may cause many diseases due to estrus and fertility. For male cats, it can avoid problems such as testicular tumors, prostate hypertrophy, and occlusion of urinary systems due to estrus. For female cats, excessive estrus frequency will cause ovarian cysts. Cats that have been born will have problems such as pus, breast tumors, ovarian tumors, and uterine fibroids. It is good for health to reduce the hidden dangers of cats for cats for cats for cats, which is good for health.
    3, avoid blind reproduction, can control the number of stray cats.
    4, sterilization can make cats quiet, can better develop good living habits, and save a lot of trouble to the owner.
    This expanded information:
    On the preparation of cats before the cat breeding:
    1, please make sure your master had vaccinated before surgery and exceeded one week; Stay for 1 week to observe the status of the cat;
    3, do not take a bath within a week before the operation to avoid colds;
    4, fasting for food forbidden water, fasting 8 hours before surgery, fasting water forbidden water. The purpose is to make the stomach stomach. Empty to avoid vomiting during surgery.
    Reference materials: China Small Animal Protection Association -Pet sterilization, World Animal Protection Association -Responsibility Pets

  2. The main benefits are:
    Them female cats after castration will not have troublesome spring phenomena, and cats have no fertility, health and temperament will not be affected, but they will be more docile.
    Ploppy catability will not have such a heavy odor before, and it will not run away from home all day. More importantly, the cast -casting cats will not have a successive birth, causing the stray cat problem.
    A adult cats start estrus every spring, male and female cats can be estrus, male cats are usually caused by the smell of nearby female cats. The female cat can have a maximum of 12 in one child, at least 2, usually 3 to 6, and good physical cats can be born twice a year.
    The expansion information: Cat feeding small common sense:
    cats entered the stage of cat at the age of 12 months. Essence Cheng Cat needs full -price and balanced nutrition in nutrition, maintaining the best health state of the cat at the same time to prevent aging.
    Is when cats are over 7 years old, they will have many health problems, especially in terms of metabolism, such as kidney and eyes. To solve such problems, it is important to feed them low -fat and low -energy foods to help them maintain normal weight.
    In addition, the content of cellulose in food should also be ensured to ensure the health of the gastrointestinal, reducing the content of magnesium and phosphorus to maintain the health of the urinary system and kidney. In addition, try to digest food that is easy to digest.
    Cat Baidu Encyclopedia

  3. 给猫咪阉割的好处主要有以下几点:rn不会出现令人烦恼的叫春现象rn猫咪没有了生育能力,健康和性情不会收到影响,反而会更加温顺r n The smell of urine will not be as heavy as before, and the cat will not run away from home all day. In the evening, it will make an unusually horrible sound. Generally, it is like a baby crying sound. It is difficult to see that it is from such small animals. Sometimes it is more scary than crying. There is no creepy in the city.
    Reference link: Cat_ 百度 贴

  4. Professional pet doctors suggested that after the cat's first estrus, it was about 8 months after the cat's estrus. After the castration, the female cat will not have the troubled phenomenon of spring, and the cat has no fertility, and the health and temperament will not be affected, but it will be more docile. The male catability will not have the heavy urine odor as before, and it will not run away from home all day. More importantly, the cast -casting cats will not have a successive birth, causing the stray cat problem.

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