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  1. Dreaming of different women dreaming of cat's dream analysis:
    1. Women who are pregnant dreaming cats, indicating that there is a man, a woman in May.
    2. Women who do business dream of cats, representing time -profit, big investment or expansion is smooth.
    3. The woman in love dreams of a cat, indicating that although there is a gap between age, understanding each other to make marriage be successful.
    4, the woman of the natal year dreamed of cats, which means that everything goes smoothly, and it is even more humble to get fortune.
    Woman dreams of cat's other dream analysis
    1. Women dream of driving the cat away, indicating that you can overcome all obstacles, save your reputation, and there will be new in work and career. The progress of progress is slowly coming.
    2. Women dream of white cats, indicating that their academic aspects are smooth. Your results will definitely be better than last semester, continue to work hard!
    3, a woman dreams of a clean white cat, indicating that there is no entanglement of no harm, and will eventually cause your property to be damaged and sad.
    4. Women dreaming of clean cats generally represents the dream of the dreamer for pet cats; in addition, it also symbolizes that your potential opponent is very powerful. Row.

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