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  1. What time is the best cat for canned cats
    In aged, it is best not to eat cans before the age of April. When the cat grows up slowly, you can try to give it canned food.
    Remember that at the beginning, you can add some cans to the food of the cat's diet to let it slowly familiar with the taste of the cans and accept it. After the cat grows up, you can add the cat canned food. In the cat food it eats daily, and then give the cat.
    It is canned food. It is more appropriate to feed the cat n During the process of breeding pet cats, the shoveling officer can give the cat for canned cats every 1-2 weeks, and each time you can stir the cans on the cat on the cat In the food, let cats mix with cat food together.
    of course, there is no restriction on the time for cats to eat cats for cats. Parents should still arrange reasonably according to the daily diet of the cat.
    If there is only one cat in the house, the large -capacity cats can often be eaten once or twice, and the remaining cans are not very preserved.
    It is recommended to buy 70 ~ 80 grams of conventional cats, so that it will not cause waste.

  2. Simply put, there are four. The following are all the points: 1. It is recommended to eat canned food. It is strongly not recommended to feed any canned snacks (cats, and the delicious fresh bags). The following are the staple food tanks. (I will tell you how to distinguish it later.) 2. How long does the cans feed once, and it is fully based on your own budget. Once once a week, it can be used twice, or even the canned food of the staple food. It's a tyrant). 3. If you only feed the canned food on this day, you don't plan to feed cat food. Then each can of canned head tags is written in the calorie content. We take the peak canned food as an example. This can of 85 grams of lamb canned energy is 113 kcal. 85 grams of peak mutton, a canned calorie content of 113 kcal. Generally speaking, indoor adult cats need 20 kcal per catty per catty, 1 to 4 months of kittens, 60 kcal per catty, 5 ~ 12 months kitten, 40 kcal per catty. A 6 -pound indoor adult cat requires 6*20 = 120 kcal per 5 ~ 12 -month -old kitten cat. *60 = 120 kcal. This is enough for 6 catties to eat a canned 85 lamb. (Cat food is also the same.) 4. Many people ask, a canned food can't be eaten at one time, and you need to eat it a few times and how much you eat at a time. Let's take the canned 85G for example. Try to eat as much as possible within 2 days

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