4 thoughts on “How should Chongqing boys run 20,000 yuan for pet shops, how should it be solved?”

  1. I think the parents of the boy should help find the lost cat, and at the same time express their apology for the guests. In addition, they must actively seek enough compensation to the guests. Because boys do not develop the right and wrong values, this makes boys often make serious faults in accident, and if parents do not clean up the messy stalls, then it will inevitably have a serious impact on the growth of the boy's growth. Essence
    . The boy's parents should help find the lost cat. For guests, pet cats are not only their own important property, but also a family of their own. If they cannot find the lost pet cat, the guests will inevitably feel very sad. If the boy's parents can understand the guest's mood, then they should call on their relatives and friends to help find the lost pet cat.
    . The boy should take the initiative to express his apology for guests. Because the boy's behavior has brought a lot of trouble to the guests, if the boy does not realize his mistake, it will inevitably make the contradiction a trend of upgrading. After the boy made a mistake, the boy's parents should let the child take the initiative to apologize, because only by doing so can the boy win the forgiveness of the guests.
    . The parents of the boy should actively give guests enough compensation. It is necessary to know that the price of pet cats is extremely expensive. If you do not choose to give guests enough compensation, then guests will not choose to give up. Since the responsibility of this matter is all on the boy, the boy's parents must actively give guests enough compensation after asking the guests for forgiveness. Only this approach can resolve contradictions and problems.
    I I hope that everyone should not think that the boy is young, so you choose to forgive the boy's fault, because the boy’s behavior has caused quite a lot of trouble to others. If the boy does not get enough lessons, then the boy will continue to continue When a similar mistake is made, the boy will inevitably cause trouble to more people.

  2. Tell your children to do some things, some things cannot be done, and children cannot be made. The original intention of the child was very good. He may be good -looking and wanted the kitten to be free, but he did not expect to cause trouble for himself.

  3. It has been reported to the police, and the original price has compensated the customer of 20,000 yuan. The parents of the boy said that the clerk was also negligible and they were willing to bear half of the responsibility.

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