5 thoughts on “What will happen to the cats that can't be sold in the cat house?”

  1. 01. Sell at low prices
    This cats are generally elaborate, so the price of many cats is more expensive. Often many people stop here when they see the price high, and the cat house is likely to have some cats left. In this way, the owner of the cat house will start to deal with low prices. In fact, it is easy to understand. It is the same as selling things. Winter clothing cannot be sold at the end. Many people will wait at this time. When the cat house starts to promote promotions, it is not necessary to grab buyers, because the machine must not come again when the machine must not be lost!
    02. Making breeding tools
    Many times the more pure the cat variety, the higher the price, and many people will choose those with a slightly worse appearance and a slightly lower price. Sometimes it may often be left in the best appearance, but the owner of the cat house will not worry, because the cat house must be operated for a long time, so it is the most suitable cat with a very good cat as a cat. Isn't this the truth of ten hundred life? Therefore, they will not be affected at all, and they can only say that they choose more paths.
    03. Give friends
    If it is not sold out, and the descent is not enough as a purebred cat, the owner of the cat house will give these kittens to his relatives and friends. Many times these cats want many people, because as relatives and friends of the owner of the cat, they are not very good to open their mouths and take the initiative to ask for this kind of thing. happy to.
    The main thing is health and reputation. Once the cat takes care of it, and the variety is pure, the source of the customer will not be broken. The rest of the kittens are also rare. In fact, many times are in short supply. Even if this cat is occasionally, the remaining cats are very easy to deal with. Generally speaking, no matter how you deal with it, the cat house is stable. Therefore, the owner of the Cat Sheef will not worry about this situation at all, they are much more chic than us buyers.

  2. The cats that can't be sold in the cat's house will continue to raise them and have been waiting for customers to buy. No matter how old, no one can buy it, they will give them adoption. Generally, they will not abandon these cats.

  3. Generally, cats that cannot be sold in the cat house, in fact, will be given to those who like cats for free, so that cats can also find their own belonging, and the owner can be very happy.

  4. Generally, some friends around you will be given. Generally, cat houses prefer animals, so cat houses are dealt with like this.

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