4 thoughts on “Should I wear a bell for cats? why?”

  1. Many owners usually bring some accessories to cats when they are raising pet cats, wearing clothes, bibs, water towels or ring bells. But if there are pet cats in the home, it is actually not suitable for the cat to bring a bell, because although the sound of the bell is small, it is also a noise for the cat. Cats may become particularly irritable for a long time, and cats with bells may also have some hidden safety hazards.
    . For cats is a kind of noise
    The people who usually put you on your cat as you should wear you, on the one hand, because you feel good -looking and cute, on the other hand, you can find cats at any time. However, although the sound of the bell is very small, it is close to the cat, and the cat's hearing is relatively sharp. The sound of the bell dingling is a noise for the cat. Moreover, the cat's neck hangs a bell all day long, no matter what the action is doing, it will be jingled. After a long time, the cat will become particularly irritable.
    . It will affect the emotions of cats
    Pevity will find that the cats who have a very mild person who are very gentle after bringing the bell suddenly become irritable, because the bell is indeed for the cat. Not a good thing. Cat's personality is preferred to hunt, and he is good at lurking. He especially likes to secretly hide it to scare people. Cats will also find this behavior that is very interesting and can train cat's hunting skills. But with the bell, many of the cats of the cat will be restricted and cannot be disappeared. At this time, the cat will have a sense of frustration. After a long time, the cat will become particularly anxious and depressed.
    . There are hidden safety hazards
    . Although the small bell is only worn on the cat's neck, it is also a hidden safety hazard for cats. The cat's bell collar is circled around the cat's neck, but the cat is usually better. If the neck itchs, you will definitely hold your claws to catch your neck. If the claws are accidentally hooked to the item at this time, the cat will definitely break free from it, and the fierce break can cause pain, so there will be a certain hidden safety hazard.

  2. Cats are a pet that humans like very much. In the process of raising cats, cats can be brought with bells. This is a very good decoration and can also make cats happy.

  3. I don't think it is necessary, because cats often move around. If you bring a bell, you will quarrel with the family, chickens, and dogs.

  4. should. This can clearly understand the specific position of the cat, will not let the cats lose easily, but also better protect the cat.

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