4 thoughts on “What kind of cat is it better for a boy?”

  1. As a boy, you can choose to raise puppet cats, orange cats and civet cats. Pets can not only resolve loneliness, but also improve your impatient temper, make your personality more peaceful, and improve your cultivation.
    Pat cats
    cloth puppet cats are a very cute cat. The puppet cat's eyes are very large and the facial features are very characteristic. It looks like a doll doll. Of course, the puppet cat's body shape It is relatively large and heavier, so if you want to pick it up, you still need a certain physical strength. However, the puppet cat has a lot of courage and a gentle personality, so there is no big trouble to raise it. As long as you clean and care for the cat regularly, you can raise the puppet cat very healthy. Moreover, the puppet cat is very patient and does not lose his temper easily. Even the boys with a large nerve bar can take care of the puppet cat very well. The puppet cat likes to get close to its owner, and it likes to be coquettish, so it is a good choice for those single dogs.
    orange cats
    Pramid cats are a very magical cat. The orange cat eats a lot, and orange cats are very fat, so it looks very cute and fat. It is a very heavy weight. The cat, and the orange cat itself is not very picky about things, so it is very simple to raise, and it will not easily occur. Orange cats are usually divided into two types of orange and orange. I like to stay in a warm place, but the tolerance of its own master and orange cat is very high. It can accept the owner's harassment of itself, just like a mature and stable adult, and will unconditionally tolerate the owner’s various small small small small small small small small little small. Hobbies are a very good cat.
    . Tanuka cats are a type of Chinese pastoral cat. It is also very simple to raise. Tanuka cats will not be easily sick. Saying everywhere, but when encountering the owner, he will also actively find the owner to let the owner accompany himself to play, and the civet cat is very courageous and curious. It has strong curiosity for many things, but the raccoon is raccoon, but the raccoon Cats are very cautious and will not easily destroy the things at home. It is a very smart and sensible cat. This cat is also suitable for boys to raise.

  2. Siamese cats, lively and obedient, suitable for cool boys, Myana cats, relatively large head, high -cold and domineering appearance, Bangladesh leopard cat, slender body full of muscle, Shandong lion cat, a blue wild, a yellow wild one, a yellow wilderness The appearance looks very noble, and cats of these varieties are more suitable for boys.

  3. You can choose a short -haired cat in the United States, because the personality of this cat is more docile, and it is usually very simple in the process of feeding. Then the patient test of people is not particularly high. Such cats will not carry viruses in their bodies, not particularly fierce, not particularly fierce. Independence.

  4. You can raise Bangladesh leopard cats. This kind of cat is particularly suitable for family care, and is particularly smart, has a docile temperament, and has strong curiosity, but the price is more expensive.

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