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  1. The top ten of the most loyal cats: raccoon cats, exotic short -haired cats, puppet cats, Shandong lion cats, Sphinx hairless cats, orange cats, Siamese cats, wolf cats, Manson cats, Minsen cats Essence
    1, raccoon cats
    cats are the native cats of our country. They are used to native and rustic habits. They are a bit wild. They are not as close as other cats. If you eat a taboop cat, the raccoon cat will determine that you are its owner, and it will follow you for a lifetime.
    2, exotic short -haired cats
    See short -haired cats, we call them Garfield. Garfield is a cat that was cultivated according to human preferences. They naturally liked to please the owner and would compete with other kittens. Very tall cat.
    3, puppet cats
    The personality of the puppet cat is relatively extremely high, either very cold, ignoring the owner, either sticky, and always shadowing around the host. A docile and loyalty to the owner is your blessing.
    4, Shandong Lion Cat
    Lion cats have a history of breeding of five or six hundred years. It is a particularly beautiful Chinese pastoral cat, usually white hair, yellow eyes or blue whole body, yellow eyes or blue Eyes, or one blue and one yellow. I am also loyal to the owner.
    5, Sphinx hairless cat
    Sphinx hairless cat is a kind of cat breed specially cultivated for hair allergic. Although the appearance of hairless cats is difficult to be accepted, it has a high IQ and a good memory. It is loyal to the owner. you.
    6, orange cat
    Although the orange cat is very greedy, the orange cat will never forget the owner because of eating. The orange cat's character is easy to approach. Once you are familiar, it is easy to coquettish. If you eat a bite of the orange cat, the orange cat will determine your master for a lifetime.
    7, Siamese cat
    A Siamese cats have the title of "dog in the cat". The reason why this title is because it is like a puppy and can play with the owner to throw me picked me. The game is very interactive, and Siamese cats are loyal to the owner like a dog. Once Siamese cats are raised, it only determines that you will be a master in your life.
    8, wolf cats
    Although the wolf cat looks horrible, its personality is particularly good, loyalty is high, often like a hunting dog, guarding the owner and protecting the owner.
    9. Manson cat
    Manskang cats are cute, their limbs are short, and they are shaking when walking. It is loyalty and warmth, which is why so many people like to raise.
    10, Maine Cat
    Mina cats are very large and look domineering, but its core is a dog. The Maine Cat has a sticky personality and is absolutely obedient and loyal to the owner. Benin cats are smart and easy to train. They can learn from any handshake and sit down.

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