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  1. Catal bleeding by cats require rabies vaccine. When the wound area is too large, additional immunoglobulin and tetanus vaccine need to be used. In addition, the wounds need to be cleaned in time to disinfect the wound, and eat more animal liver to supplement nutrition and improve immunity.
    . Cat caught bleeding
    This need to get rabies vaccine in time within 72 hours. In addition, the cat is bitten directly and needs additional immunoglobulin. When the wound is too big, the wound is too large , Need to inject additional tetanus vaccines and clean the wounds in time to prevent infection.
    . The precautions for cat grasping bleeding 1. Cleaning wounds

    In after being caught by a cat, you need to rinse the wound with a large amount of water in time to prevent the infection, then squeeze out the congestion, and press it with pressing it. Dharma stops bleeding. In addition, when the wound is too deep, it is not advisable to expose to the air for a long time. You need to use medical bandages and gauze to wrap the wound or paste it with a cotton ball.
    2. Disinfection of timely

    Is when being caught in a large area of ​​cats, you need to repeatedly wipe the wound with iodine, iodine, and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the wound to prevent infection. In addition, within a few days after being caught by a cat, the frequency of going out should be appropriately reduced to avoid wound infection and purulent.
    3. Supplementary nutrition

    Is after being caught by a cat, if you have too much blood loss, you need to eat duck blood and pig liver to supplement nutrition to promote hematopoietic and restore physical strength. When the wound area is too large or the wound is too deep, you need to eat additional health products to supplement nutrition, improve immunity, and pay attention to keeping warm.

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