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  1. Preparation materials:
    1, a round piece

    2, a number of light mud with different colors

    3, a set of light mud tools

    production production Step:
    1. Put a layer with purple light mud at the bottom, and lay a 3 cm wide orange light mud in the entire circle of one -third.
    2, make a trunk with brown light mud, and engraved the lines on it.
    3, use gray light mud to make Totoro's body, hands and feet, and two ears, so that Totoro stands on the left part of the trunk.
    4, mixed with lemon yellow and white to make pale yellow, and make my Neighbor Totoro's belly.
    5, use gray to make the pattern on the stomach, make the nose with dark gray, and then use white and black to make chinchilla eyes.
    6, the ears, body and hand are engraved with the lines of Totoro.

  2. 1. Use ultra -light clay as a bear.
    First we need to prepare a variety of colors of clay, and then rub the yellow clay into a round shape to make the bear's head.
    2. Then rub the lighter yellow clay round, flatten the face of the bear, use black clay to make the bear's eyes, nose, mouth, and then round the yellow clay and use tools to use tools to give them tools. It pressed the depression to make the bear's ears.
    3. Then rub a piece of yellow clay round and cut off one -third of the part, adjust the shape of the cut part, and then stick the two yellow clay into water droplets to the top half of it. In some cases, the body and limbs of the bear will be done.
    4. At this time, the bear looks a bit monotonous. We stick a circle of red strip clay on the bear's neck to decorate, which will instantly improve its cute point. Such a cute bear is ready!

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