5 thoughts on “Pure Mengxin, I want to ask what cat food is better for the little orange cat?”

  1. The kittens are in the period of growth and development, so the demand for nutrition is particularly high. When choosing cats and cat food, we must pay special attention to the content of protein and fat. In addition, the kittens are extremely fragile in the growth period. When choosing kittens and cat food, they should also pay attention to the irritation and allergies of cat food. The following 3 cat foods can be tried.
    The natural full -price kitten food
    The cat food of the original family is a cost -effective kitten food. The main ingredients are fresh chicken and duck meat and wild catfish. Rich; adding grain without grain, reduces allergies; good oil sources, the most important chicken fat is better, which is considered high -energy cat food. The taurine content is sufficient and the vitamin ratio is reasonable.
    Anna Mate's kittens all cat food
    Anna Mate is a famous cheap grain on the overseas list. The protein comes from chicken and fish. From the overall formula, it is a low -sensitivity formula, and amino acid glucose is added Hydrochloride and sulfate chonda can protect the bone joints and are suitable for kittens that are still growing and developing.
    The kitchen kingdom kitten cat grain
    The cat food with high protein content is a cat food, pure meat cat food, protein from seafood products such as tuna and salmon, carbon water It is very low, and the fiber, calcium and phosphorus are reasonable, and it has a promotion of cat's bone development and intestinal digestion. Suitable for five or six months old cats to eat.

  2. Hello, I think cats can feed cat food, chicken liver or meat, and then what people eat, maybe cats eat. There is no need to feed cat food.

  3. It's not a little orange cat, it's 12 pounds of big oranges ~ I ate Newton when I was a kid, and my family eats T22. I can eat all ages.

  4. Orange cats belong to fat constitution, you can eat crown energy, or you can make cat rice yourself. Many tutorials to teach cat rice on the Internet.

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