4 thoughts on “Will the cat miss the owner for a long time? How can they express their thoughts?”

  1. Cats do not see the owner for a long time, after all, they often live with the owner. The way cats express their miss is relatively special, and they will always stare at the door, so that they can see the owner returning home for the first time. When the owner opens the door, the cat will howl loudly, this is to welcome the owner.
    It cat's personality is relatively independent. He doesn't like to stick to the owner and likes a cat to sleep aside. But some cats are very sticky, as long as the owner will snuggle in the arms of the owner. Whether it is a sticky cat or a cat that is not sticky, it will actually miss the owner. After all, the owner takes care of their clothing, food, housing, and transportation, which can make the cat feel a unique sense of security. If the owner suddenly leaves home, the cat will panic, and he will yell loudly, and he will run around in various rooms, as if looking for the owner. The editor also watched a video released by the owner and found that the cat had shouted all his throat, but he could not get the owner's response. Then the cat lay beside the door. When he heard the sound of opening the door, he woke up, and then began to howl loudly, and his voice was hoarse.
    The cats actually have two ways to express their thoughts. The first is the squatting above the door and wants to wait for the owner to return home. The second one is actually reducing your own amount of food, and he does not like sports, becoming more negative. Because the person you like is not around, this will make the cats lower, and there will be a situation that tea does not want to think. When the owner can spend a business trip with cats, it will also make cats very interested in monitoring, and then always stare at monitoring. Although you can't meet, you can still hear the owner's voice, which will make the cat happier.
    This relationship between cats and masters is strange. If you often stay in one place, you will not be very harmonious, and cats will bother their owners. If the owner is on a business trip, the cat will miss the owner.

  2. Cats have disappeared for a long time, the owner will miss it very much, some cats will perform very restless, and some cats will quietly wait where the owner often appears

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