3 thoughts on “What brand of canned cats is good?”

  1. For staple food tanks, the well -known and good materials are Catz, K9, Peak, Maggs, Belle, Symphony, and the others are niche jars, such as natural logic and high -scorching cans such as Amad

  2. First of all, whether the main food is high -quality and safe according to the content of fat, protein and other ingredients. At present, most of the nutrient content of most staple food tanks (non -snack tanks) is better than dry food. Dry food is fast food, and staple food cans are fresh staple foods. For example, the red dog small green can, the internal organs contain 75%of pure meat, crude fat content ≥5%, crude protein content ≥12%, and crude fiber ≤1%are much higher than normal staple food tanks.
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