4 thoughts on “What changes will happen when cats in the city return to the village?”

  1. After the cats in the city returned to the village, life was not exquisite before, and the cleanliness of hair was greatly reduced. However, the friends who can play or fight together have increased. Compared with lying lazily, the cats after returning to the village have increased a lot.
    The cat's life is getting more and more bold. Under normal circumstances, cats live like a little princess or little prince in the city. Whether it is cat food or canned food, snacks are carefully selected, chicken breasts must be boiled and sterilized before eating. In addition, cats' food bowls and water containers are clean and delicate. But after returning to the village, in addition to cat food they usually eat, the villagers will also use various foods to tease cats, and the food range is getting wider and wider. Naturally, the rice bowl and drinking water bowl also become a rice bowl for family members to eat, and there is no exquisite at all.
    This Cat's clean and beautiful hair is getting dirty. The cats living in the city have been at home, and they will not roll in the outside environment. But after returning to the village, the cat would play in the courtyard, rolling one, and a layer of gray. The cat is freezing, and the cat is not suitable for bathing, not to mention, even if it was washed, I didn't see it at a glance, and the cat rolled around the ground again. Therefore, cats after returning to the village will become dirty. In addition, about going to the toilet, in the city, the cat is covered with cat litter after the toilet, and the cat's claws will not be stained. After returning to the village, if the cat is not trained well, it is likely to cover the stool with soil or sand, which seriously affects the cat's hygiene.
    The cat's friends have become more and better and better. Although returning to the village will become dirty, cats have also gained friendship. After all, there are cats playing outside in the village. Even if you do n’t go out of the yard, cats in the city can make good friends here. With a small partner, whether it is quarrel or playing together, the cat's vitality is getting higher and higher. Once the exercise keeps up, the cat's health and figure have improved.
    of course, although the cat returned to the village to spend the New Year and made a good friend, and the mood became better, but after returning to the city, you must repeat and take a bath in time, because maintaining health is the way to survive for a long time.

  2. The cats in the city will become very dirty. When they are unfamiliar, they will become nervous. They do not know how to get along with the wild cats in the countryside. Most of the time spent in the room.

  3. I think it will change from beautiful rustic changes. After the cat returns to the village, it will wear a large cotton jacket, and the temperament will also look particularly tacky.

  4. Cat's life will change greatly, hair will become dirty, more and more friends will be made, and the mental state will be better and better.

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