1 thought on “How can cats cure the cat's ringworm (how can cats grow fast?)”

  1. 1. How can cats cure the cats quickly.

    2. How to treat ringworm on the cat.

    3. How to cure the cat's body.

    4. The fastest way to treat cat moss.

    1. First, the hair of the cat's disease part is needed to remove the hair of the cat. The catalog of catalog is mainly the hair root, so it is generally easy to be pulled out. In this case, you can consider shaving with them. You can use physiological saline for appropriate cleaning, and then cooperate with antifungal drugs. This is conducive to keeping the skin's skin cleaning. Avoid affecting the absorption of drugs.

    2. Cats with severe symptoms or more distribution of the lesions, you can treat it with the medicinal bath, the effect will be better.

    . If it is a kittens, the pet owner can take a medicinal bath at home. It is not recommended to take a pet shop to take a bath before the vaccine.

    . If it does not improve, then you need to take some antifungal drugs and drugs that enhance skin resistance, such as Omega fatty acid.

    5. Third, if the cat often licks and scratch the lesion, it is also necessary to recommend that the pet owner wears the Elizabeth circle, because the cat ringworm is also contagious.

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