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  1. In daily study, work, and life, everyone inevitably exposes the composition. The composition is a narrative method of a theme significance through text considerations and language organizations. In order to make you easier and convenient when writing, the following is the 300 words I want to raise the small animal composition. For reference only, let's take a look.
    The small animal composition 300 words I want to raise is more and more people raising small animals. Some people want to raise a small turtle, some people want to raise a little white rabbit, and some people want to raise a hamster, and I want to raise a cute white puppy.
    The white dog has a round head, with white and clean fur, which is very soft to touch. It also has two black eyes, just like two black gems. With four short legs, running up, shaking, just like a baby who just learned to walk. It was really cute. After watching it, my heart was cute.
    ers are not only cute, but also loyal and spiritual. When a stranger is not good at walking in front of me, the puppy will immediately be vigilant around me to protect me, and yell at the other party to prevent me from suffering a little harm. Sometimes I hold my bones in my hand. As long as he raised his hand, he could understand what I meant, and quickly ran over a few laps at my feet, and whispered, as if the owner was for me. Well! You're great! "You see, how much white dogs are!
    If I really have a small white dog, how good should it be!
    The small animal composition 300 words I want to raise 2 I want to raise a puppy, because the puppy is very cute, loyal, I can understand what people say.
    I want to raise a puppy. When I am unhappy, it will run out of the house "Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang, as if I gave me a" Happy Pill ". I ate "Happy Pills" and was full of happiness. I touched its head, and my puppy was full of happiness.
    I want to raise a puppy so that it can accompany me to spend a good time. In that wonderful time, it may be with me: running, learning tigers, walking on the grass, and making tablet support. Looking back at that wonderful time, how unforgettable that should be!
    -I want to raise a puppy, and I will train it into a guide dog to help those in need. I will also teach it some etiquette and skills to make it a dog with wisdom and courage.
    I want to raise a puppy ...
    The small animal composition I want to raise 300 words 3 I have a good friend, his name is Xuanxuan. They raised a "gradient" called "Xiaolu Ban". "Xiaolu Ban"? That's right, "Xiaolu Ban" is a cute and naughty kitten.
    "Xiaolu Ban" has a pair of blue eyes and a gray hair. Why is it called "Xiaolu Ban"? Because there is a royal cat in the Forbidden City, its name is "Luban". Its eyes are very beautiful, especially at night, it looks like a blue sky, it looks bright and cute. It is also particularly naughty. He often grabs toys with Xuanxuan. Once you can't grab, it will roll and coquettish on the ground, like a little baby head. Tell you secretly, "Little Luban" has another stunts, it will slip a car, do you believe it? Anyway, I believe it, because I saw it with my own eyes, it will put the front paw on the scooter, and the two rear claws can be kicked on the ground. Unfortunately, it can’t master the direction by itself. Wearing a skateboard on the corner of the corner, we all smiled. "Xiaolu Ban" is also very human. When you are in a bad mood, it is like an angel. It is like a angel. Think of various ways to make you happy, and sometimes we will call it happy fruit.
    "Little Luban" is not raised by me, but I will go to Xuanxuan's house to play as soon as I have time. I also want to raise a kitten like "Xiaolu Ban", because I like it very much.
    The small animal composition 300 words I want to raise 4 I want to raise a small hamster, why? Because the hamster is furry, it is too cute. When it is scared, it will shrink into a ball, like a small hair ball, he will run on the rolling wheel when he is happy, and the rolling wheels keep turning. They are dizzy.
    I asked my mother to let me raise a hamster. Unfortunately, my mother would not let me raise it. I repeatedly asked why I could n’t raise a hamster. Mom said first, you want to buy a small house for the hamster and feed him every day. Feeding water and taking care of it, you can't take care of yourself. Second, the small hamster's house is very troublesome every day. If it is not cleaned in time, it will stink. Would you like to do it? Third, my younger brother is still young. It is too dangerous to reach out and touched it. I thought about my chin and thought about it, alas, for forget it, when I grew up, I must raise a small hamster, take care of it, and let my mother see it.
    The small animal composition 300 words I want to raise 5. If my mother is willing to let me raise small animals, then I will have a puppy, because it can not only look at the house, but also accompany me to play.
    . Its clothes are yellow, with a long tail, a large nose is sensitive, the ears on the head are tilted, and the tongue has been piercing with fresh air outside.
    is small, only takes a little position at home, and it is cute, flexible, and clever. When I cried, he could coax me happily and jumped around me. As soon as I opened the house when I was out of school, the puppy would run over to meet me, and "Wang Wang" twice. It seems to be saying, "Welcome to go home, the little master." Then I rubbed my hand with my head. When I finish my homework, I will take it out to play. No one at home is a housekeeper. Every time we go out, it will stay at the door of the house, for fear that the bad guys will come in. When we came back, it was very happy, and immediately rushed to me, "Wang Wang" called twice. It seems to be saying, "Little master, you finally come back, I miss you so much."
    Every time it saw the meat, he couldn't wait to run over. Get up and lick the plate with your tongue after eating. Then leisurely left, it seemed to say, "I'm full, go to walk to dispel it."
    I like puppy dogs very much because it is also a member of our family.
    The small animal composition I want to raise 300 words 6 I want to raise a borderproof dog.
    . Its hair is white, yellow, black, or leucorrhea yellow, leucorrhea black, yellow belt black. It feels furry all over, like a furry doll. If it stepped on a few feet on the snow, there were a few plums in the snow.
    The it is always sticking to me. In the evening, when I was sleeping, it felt cold and squeezed in my quilt. I eat, it will drool, and I will give it half.
    , I want to train it, let it open the door, buy food, and take my sister to play. In this way, mothers can go out less, and my sister can not look at her mobile phone, and I can write homework with peace of mind. When I was sleeping, I trained it to sleep in the keys' nest and covered it with a small blanket, and it would not run to my bed in the middle of the night.
    The like to play small balls. When I played, I threw the ball into the distance, and it would bite back. If I have a sleigh in winter, take it to the snow mountain to take a walk, I sit with it with it and slide down from the snowy mountains. It is so fun!
    The small animals I want to raise 300 words 7 I want to raise a little rabbit because it is cute. Its ears are long, with red eyes, like a ruby, three -petal mouth, a short tail, round, at first glance like a small bun. It has a white and white hair, and it feels soft, and I like to touch it. I found that it has a characteristic that it can be eaten. It can eat a lot of cabbage and carrots in one meal. Every time I take food to walk in front of it, it shall light up and can't wait to eat it.
    The rabbit not only eats it, but also often happens to me with me. Once my father and mother left, I put the little rabbit at home and took a bucket of water in front of the rabbit. It suddenly jumped in. I pulled it up. Crying and laughing, its mouth seemed to be saying, "It's so cold." When I was alone today, my little rabbit jumped into my arms to sleep with me. I think it's so warm.
    What do you think it is? By the way, its name is "Little Tuanzi".
    The small animal composition I want to raise 300 words 8 long ears, wearing white cheongsam, has a docile personality, cute and cute! Are you right? What I want to raise is the little white rabbit!
    Mad why do I have rabbits? I have a reason! Because I am a rabbit, I naturally like the little white rabbit. The little white rabbit is very docile and warm. Its hair is soft like cotton. Its ears are long, the eyes are red, and its tail is short. Like a small snowball, its limbs are flexible and fast. Its little nose is particularly cute, because it will always move, do you know why? This is because of the weather, the rabbit is heat dissipation, or it may be because the rabbit feels scared.
    I can also observe it. There is a little visual blind spot in front of the rabbit's face. The sensitive sense of smell of Rabbit can not only make up for these shortcomings, but also observe whether there are strange or dangerous smells around them. Of course, Rabbit is best at finding the food you love to eat with your nose!
    I I think that girls can't refuse this troubled hemal. If the little white rabbit appears in a fairy tale book, the author will describe it as high as the frog, and it will also say that its hearing is like a fox. Sensitive ... In short, although my mother said that the excrement of rabbits is very stinky and should be cleaned in time, I can’t stop my love for the little white rabbit. I have prepared. White rabbit!
    The small animal composition I want to raise once 300 words 9. I passed a pet shop. See a cute puppy through the window. He has a brown body. The fat head. The short tail was thrown. He was round, his eyes looked like two black pearls. The ears are sharp and very cute. I watched for a while. Sudden. My mother told me to go home. I was reluctant to leave. When I got home, I immediately picked up my phone and found this dog on Taobao, and searched a lot of puppies on the top. I asked my mother if I could buy a puppy. Mom always said no. I asked my mother why she couldn't. Mom said. No one took care of him while studying. So I must work hard. This can raise a puppy!
    The small animal composition 300 words I want to raise. If you ask me what kind of animals I want to raise, I will not hesitate to say that I want to raise a parrot.
    . As for, why do I want to raise a parrot? The first is because the parrot can speak. Once, I went to the flower and bird market in Wushan to buy fish pockets. When I went shopping, I found a shop selling parrot. I heard that the parrot learned from the scholars and wanted to confirm it. Is this really the case? I said to the parrot: "Hello!" I did not expect that he really imitated and said: "Hello!"
    Actually, I know why the parrot learns to speak, because in his throat There is a vocal cord that can imitate human voice. But the first time I heard the parrot talking, I was still very excited!
    I still saw the parrot on TV. There are many types and different colors. Some red, some blue, some green.
    Also, she likes to eat snacks, and it is easy to buy bird food. I do n’t have to run far.
    I like parrots, I want one more partner!
    The small animal composition 300 words I want to raise. In people's eyes, the leopard is cruel and is the "killing expert" of hunting animals all day long. However, in my heart, I like leopard. Even the animal I want to raise the most is a leopard.
    I don't think the leopard is cruel. It kills prey for survival. It cannot intentionally kill small animals. Isn't it the same for us?
    The leopard has a pair of small ears and stands all day. Two look of creepy eyes, green light in the moonlight, and a ant see clearly. It can be described as "the eyes of the eyes, listening to the eight directions"! Leopard likes to prey at night, and its skin color with spots in the yellow in the yellow is successful. As soon as the prey, as long as the front paw is stretched and the legs are staring, it is OK.
    The my favorite is the flying speed of the leopard. You think, riding a leopard and flying on the street, how windy! But I know, that's just fantasy. If you want to raise a leopard, you have to discuss with your parents and discuss ...
    Little animal composition 300 words 12 I want to raise a cute kitten.
    I want to give it the name of the small velvet, it must like this name very much.
    When the little velvet cat is sleeping, he likes to wrap his body. When his eyes are closed, you fall asleep. However, when it was sleeping, when I touched it, it bit me, alas! Let it sleep a stable consciousness!
    This cats like to play home the most. Where I get the fluffy ball, it follows. It likes to run with the small hair ball. It is so cute. Xiao Mao ball is its favorite toy!
    It can take a walk with me. When I take a small velvet cat out for a walk, the small velvet cat runs fast! I can't get it. Its favorite is climbing trees, climbing to the tree, and the dog has no way to take it.
    Is when I stack my clothes, Little Velvet cat likes to go to my wardrobe to sleep a warm feeling, because there are many clothes in the wardrobe, especially warm, so when I can’t find it, I can’t find it, I can’t find it, I can’t find it, I can’t find it, I can’t find it. Know it in my wardrobe.
    The small animals I want to raise 300 words 13 I want to raise a little rabbit, because the rabbit's hair is very comfortable, and there are many colors of the rabbit hair, including white, pink, gray, gray, gray, gray, gray, gray, gray ...
    Right, the ears of the little rabbit are still very interesting, there are vertical, there are hanging, there is a layer outside, and there is a layer inside.
    The eyes of the bunny are red and black inside.
    Is when I fed it, it blinked with eyes, as if I understood my words, the tail of the bunny was very like a small ball. Sometimes I took my own small ball. Play.
    When it is going to sleep, I will tell it some good stories, such as: "I want to be a good child", "Guess how much I love you" ...
    If I know If you make clothes, I will make a very beautiful clothes for it.
    I children, I believe you also have your favorite small animals. Come and share it with us!
    The small animals I want to raise 300 words 14 I want to raise a little rabbit, because he has a furry fluff and a pair of red -like eyes. I like its long ears the most As soon as something approached him, the sensitive ears were erected.
    This like to eat radishes and vegetables, I like to eat, and the taste of us is one of the reasons I like. It was very cute when it was eaten, like a Barbie doll, and there was a sound of "click, click"!
    The character is very docile. When it is friendly, it will blink from you. When it is not friendly, it will bite you.
    Is I like bunny, kids, what small animals do you like?
    The small animal composition I want to raise 300 words 15 I want to raise a puppy because it is clever and lively.
    . Its body is furry, like a ball of hair ball. The two fire eyes were shiny, just like there were two Beidou stars inside. A pair of brown ears and a unique three -petal mouth, the nose and ears are particularly sensitive, the tail is curved, cute!
    is not only cute, but also particularly naughty; it especially likes to eat meat. It is our loyal friend of human beings; it will protect the owner and also look at the home nursing home! The puppy especially loves cleanliness. Every time I eat bones and eat cleanly, it shakes her tail and said, "Master, I finish eating, thank you."
    My stuff is gone, it can find it. If there are bad people at home, it will stand up bravely, saying like a soldier, "Go out quickly, otherwise I bite you." But the bad guy didn't go away, the puppy turned off the lights, and looked at the bad guy with its bright eyes, " A snap "! It turns out that the puppy rushed up, and the bad guys escaped, I'm really happy!
    Sometimes, the puppy is hungry, it will say to me, "Little master, I'm hungry, I want to eat something." I will give it a bone, so it smiled and eat Essence
    Mas such a magical puppy, do you know what it is called? It is called "Little Seven", it sounds nice? This is my wish, I am too eager to have a puppy!

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