2 thoughts on “I picked up a very small and small cat, what should I do?”

  1. You can help it get a coal ball first, mashed it, and put it in a basin to solve the problem of cats to the toilet. The coal ball was changed once a day to three days.
    It is a kittens, just charge it with milk powder. If it is almost a kitten, give it some cat food.
    In enough toys for it. Like
    -wool, glass beads, you are playing with it properly.
    Water, put it next to the rice bowl, do not change the place where the cats eat, and keep it in a place. Change three times a day.
    This temperature should not be too cold or too hot.
    don't take a bath yet. After the belly button is off, it is not licking.
    The water temperature between 30 and 40 degrees when washing.
    This should be like this, what I think of, I am helping you add.

  2. In fact, the kitten is very good, and the kitten is picked up by you is also a fate of you.
    Right, how big is the kitten? If it is very small, give it some warm milk (put it in front of it with a small plate to let it lick). Buy a small bottle and hold her up and feed it!
    Then help him take a shower, wrap the towel to help it dry the water on the hair, take it to the pet hospital to get a needle to return to the bag and return it!
    ~ (^
    ^) ~

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