3 thoughts on “Is there a puppy and a kitten in Jincheng?”

  1. You can see another 58 and catch up. There are many dogs raised by individuals and cats to sell. Where are you posting? Because the popularity is very popular, where can you go to see it. And there are many free adoption on it. Haha

    It when you buy it, you must see it clearly. If you do n’t understand, you can find someone who knows to go with you to avoid being deceived, buy a sick dog, or the seller deceives you promise to promise you It is pure that the puppy is pure.
    It is better not to buy it anymore, because many "week dogs" there are not buying it back for a week, and there are canine plague, various diseases, and they are too troublesome when they buy them when they are cured. It is easy to die if it is not good. Essence My friend bought a red Teddy of 5,000 before, and he died for a month. Essence Hey. I bought it at the dog vendor, and I had been sick when I bought it, and it was not cured.

    I just went to a dog trafficker. When buying my puppy, I lied to me to say that it was pure. In fact, it was a string. I bought it or a sick dog. Understand, those who were anxious at that time, people who didn't understand them went together. Essence So I suggest you bring someone who understands.

  2. The puppy and kitten they bought are generally weak and sick, and it is not easy to feed, because cats and dog traffickers just make money to make money. It is recommended to contact the local rescue organization to adopt it. Generally, they have been vaccinated. If you have health, you can also do good things, haha! Of course, most of them are ordinary cats and dogs. If you want pure breeds, it will be a bit difficult.

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