Where can I buy pet cats in Guangzhou?

Such as the title. Please don't tell me Huadi Bay or Qingping Market. Always feel like selling "week cats" or sick cats. Please ask for other answers. Thank you

5 thoughts on “Where can I buy pet cats in Guangzhou?”

  1. The Muyi pet shop at No. 303 West West of Fangcun Avenue is really a black conscience. I was recommended by the customer service on a network platform, and then guided to this store. I bought a dog at his house and was very lively when I watched it. I took it home that night. The next day is still very excited, eating and drinking is normal. After eating the third day, I vomited all the time, and then I started to vomit and pull it again every morning. I took care of the medicine carefully, and the result was still left today on the fifth day. They dug all the pits on the purchase agreement, and then they found all kinds of excuses, shirk responsibility, and concealed their despicable and shamelessness! They used dogs and cats to confuse parents who love cats and dogs, and hurt the lives of countless cats and dogs in exchange for their interests! Such people are not convinced!

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