How to induce cats without eating, how to induce cats to eat

How to induce cats to eat, it is unwilling to eat

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  1. If the pet owner eats the same food or cat food for the cat for a long time, the cat will have a disgusting day, and then there will be a phenomenon of not eating and refusing to eat. The pet owner may try to change food or cat food for the cat, After buying it, give the cat a little bit to see if the cat wants to eat. If the cat is willing to eat it, you can mix the original mixing with the new, and then slowly use the new cat food to replace the old cat food. It may also be because the original cat food has deteriorated, and the pet owner only needs to replace the fresh ones.
    Cat is also a loose animal, or it may have developed bad habits for a long time. If the pet owner often feeds some canned, snacks or meat, etc. After eating the sweetness, I was unwilling to eat when I ate cat food again.
    Pame to play with the cat every day, and then speed up the energy consumption of its energy. Naturally, it will feel hungry, and it is willing to eat.

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