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  1. Peter, Cat, and his wolf classmates are 90 minutes. According to the inquiry related public information, the movie "Peter and the Wolf" was played for 90 minutes. Brief introduction: The young pioneer Peter Peter played with his children and birds. The little duckling in the family swims in the pond and quarrels with the bird. The kitten took the opportunity to capture the birds and was blocked by Peter. Grandpa later scared them and said that the wolf was coming and took Peter home. Soon, the wolf really came, eating ducklings, and hiding behind the tree to catch birds and kittens. Regardless of personal safety, Peter caught the wolf tail with the help of the bird and tied it to the tree. Grandpa and hunter rushed to grab the wolf into the zoo. The meaning of the story is profound, showing the courage and witness to defeat the vicious wolf bravely and wit.

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