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    This Code: VPSH "Report the Prince! The Princess is Cat 2" The plot, in addition to following the hilarious love of the first "Cat Concubine" and the Lord line. Beiyong Yan has been repeatedly assassinated. Mi Xiaosi has transformed into a "detective" with modern wisdom? Is it almost dead for the forced back to be a black pot? Nan Fengchen did not change his heart about Mi Xiaosi, but there was a bigger conspiracy behind it? All kinds of mysteries are elusive.

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    Codded code: T1QD works related introduction: "Reporting the Prince, the Princess is a cat" episode adapted from Yunzhongyue's novel of the same name In order to return to the world of life, Xiao Qi worked hard to gather the spiritual jade, and found his own "destiny". Under the chance, a sweet pet with a laughable pet with the nan Fengchen, the owner of the evil charm city, and Nan Fengchen, the owner of the evil charm city. Love story.

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