1 thought on “How to transport pet meows to the field”

  1. 1. The distance is close, the windmill, the Didi ride is more

    . If the distance is closer, for example, if you want to transport the cat from Hangzhou to Shanghai, then the ride is the best choice.

    2, far away

    This distance, cats recommend choosing aviation consignment. Now there are many pets to check in, you can come to the door to take the cat, and after reaching the former destination, you can pick up at the airport, or you can send the cat to the door.

    In some people also choose to give cats to Lu Yun, and I really don't recommend it. The environment of the land transport is poor and long. Cats are naturally timid. It is easy to have a strong stress response, and severe stress may cause cats to spread their abdomen.

    The price of air transportation and land transportation is actually not much different. It is recommended to consign cats and choose air.

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