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  1. Sales are the most test of our communication skills, and communication with customers is not a simple matter. The following is the customized furniture telephone marketing that I organizes and collected, welcome to read for reference!
    , sales example dialogue
    1, customer: What brand are you?
    The shopping guide: This is one of the top ten furniture brands in China, XX furniture, do you must know it?
    (Ordinary shopping guide will answer directly: XX furniture)
    2, customer: Where did it produce?
    Ter guide: XX Furniture Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., one of the largest domestic European furniture production companies, is Xingyi in Guizhou.
    (Ordinary shopping guide will answer directly: Guizhou Province)
    3, customer: Is your product environmental protection?
    The shopping guide: This is the product produced by the top furniture companies in China. It is absolutely environmentally friendly. Please see the latest certificate here
    (ordinary shopping guide answered: environmentally friendly)
    4, Customer: You guy How about after -sales service?
    The shopping guide: The reason why our sales are at the forefront of the country is not only our products excellent, but also because we have excellent after -sales service
    (Ordinary shopping guide will answer: After -sales service, you can rest assured, you can rest assured, There must be no problem)
    5, customer: Why is the product so expensive?
    The shopping guide: Only the best quality can sell the most expensive price. Do you say it? Because it is expensive, it is very cheap, because buying the right set of products is better to buy the wrong three sets of products. In fact, I like you, I hope to buy the best quality things at the lowest price, but I never have never been It is found that any company provides the highest quality products and services at the lowest price, as if it is impossible for Benchi to sell to Santana. What do you say? If you spend less money to buy a bad quality product, but eventually invest more. What do you think?
    (Ordinary shopping guide will answer: This price is very cheap)
    6, Customer: Is this set of furniture suitable for me?
    The shopping guide: People like you, only a big brand of first -class quality of us is suitable for you. You see, CITIC Furniture has been rated as the "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Furniture". Many successful people like you have chosen CITIC Furniture, and according to our after -sales inspection, 99%of customers are very satisfied, so I believe you will be satisfied with this true good brand, right?
    (Normal shopping guide Answer: Absolutely suitable)
    , the furniture sales techniques of excellent shopping guide
    1 "price decomposition" transaction method
    The furniture, and his expected price is 6,000 yuan. At this time, you need to calculate the price difference of 2,000 yuan first. Once the price difference is determined, the issue of payment is no longer 8,000 yuan, but 2,000 yuan.
    The shopping guide: Sir, the service life of this product is at least 10 years, right?
    Customer: Almost.
    The shopping guide: Okay, now we divide 2000 in 10 years, so you only need to invest 200 yuan per year, right?
    Customer: Yes
    Ter guide: In this way, you only need to invest by about 16 yuan per month.
    Customer: There are as many as 5 cents.
    (Remembering this answer is best to let the customer say it by themselves, because in the end, your customers will feel that they will argue with you more than 5 horns a day, it is ridiculous)
    You feel that you can have such a set of furniture that you like to have such a set of love and happiness to your family?
    2, "one penny, one penny" transaction method
    The shopping guide: Sir, have you bought the cheapest price and the best quality?
    Customer: Oh, of course.
    The shopping guide: Sir, do you think it makes sense for a penny and one penny?
    Customer: Yes, it makes sense.
    (This is the greatest truth between trading, customers almost have to agree with you)
    This: Sir, in this market, our price is fair, I may not haven’t. The method gives you the minimum price, and you don't see the product that wants the lowest price, right, but I can give you the most valuable transaction conditions in similar products in the market.
    Customer: Oh, is it?
    The shopping guide: Yes, sometimes the price -oriented purchase of furniture is not exactly correct. If you invest a little more, if you lose a limited amount of money, and if you invest too little More, because the products you buy are likely to be unable to bring you expected satisfaction, what do you think?
    3, "Other houses may be cheaper" transaction method
    The shopping guide: Sir, the price of other houses may really be lower than our price. In fact, I like you, I hope to buy the highest price at the lowest price at the lowest price The quality, but I have never found that any company can provide the highest quality products and the best service at the lowest price. Is this a penny?
    Customer: Of course
    Ter guide: Mr., according to your years, it is reasonable to buy our products and services at this price. Do you say right?
    Customer: Yes.
    Ter guide: Sir, for your long -term happiness, which one are you willing to sacrifice, whether it is the quality of the product or a good service.
    4, assuming the transaction method
    "Sir, if you order today, when do you want us to deliver it?"
    "Sir, you are sure that we should still have stock in the warehouse."
    "Sir, in order to use the product as soon as possible, I will implement the supply for you immediately."
    5, choose the transaction method
    "Sir, do you want us to deliver for you, or do you want us, or You pick up the goods by yourself. "
    ", I will wait for you for a while. "
    " Mr., do you pay the deposit or pay the full money. "
    " Mr., you plan to plan Determine this set is still another set. "
    6, opportunity transaction method
    " Mr., only the last three days left for the discount period, you will confirm it now There are only two sets left for this special price. I suggest you set it now. "
    " Mr., if you are determined now, you can get a gift worth 900 yuan. Just set it like this. "
    7, bold transaction method
    " Sir, you have to choose such a big brand, high -quality products, right, it is better to determine now "
    " Sir, buy such a good price for such a good price, the opportunity is rare, so be sure. "
    " Mr., this set of furniture is now selling hot, selling ten this month, ten are sold for ten this month, ten this month sells ten, ten are sold for ten this month. A few sets, I also suggest that you order a set now. "
    8, three questions about the transaction method
    The shopping guide: Mr. Xing, what do you think of this set of furniture?
    Customer: Okay.
    The shopping guide: Do you want to have it?
    Customer: can be filtered.
    The shopping guide: When do you plan to start using such a good product?
    9, Overlord Transaction Law
    The customer agrees with your products and is acceptable to the price, but it is still unable to make a decision. Whenever you ask for a transaction, he always says "I want to take the test. Filter test filtering, let's talk about it in a few days. "This method will be useful at this time
    . Before this customer you are already very familiar with, write a sales order according to the product he wants, When the customer came to the store to see the product again, and after talking with you for a while, he asked him to sit down, and then take the sales order you filled in advance, hand it over to him with the pen and the order, and he Said him: "Do you think there are any questions like this, please sign it."
    It at this time, you need to pay attention to you, don't speak, look at customers calmly, when customers see you, you just Nod to him to encourage him. Usually, customers will carefully see the sales list you have filled in for him, and then tell you his true thoughts. Perhaps he will write his pen to him with his pen to him. The name, even if you can't trade, you will not offend customers, and you can also catch the customer's true intention.
    Sales skills
    1. Quickly establish trust:
    ① sincere attitude and listen carefully.
    ② Stand Sitting on the left side of the customer, let the customer see it.
    ③ Eye stare at the tip of the opponent's nose and forehead, without interruption, no interruption.
    ④ Do not make a sound (nodded, smile), re -confirm the
    ⑤ do not understand the question, do not answer
    ⑥ stop pause for 3 to 5 seconds, and then start talking.
    Plashing customers, strengthen trust
    classic sentences:
    You really have vision/not simple/generous/generous/charming/bold
    . The method of asking questions
    ① What brand of furniture is now using now? What style? How long did you buy? Are you satisfied with that set of furniture?
    ② Did you understand the furniture before buying that furniture? What are the deficiencies used now and need to strengthen changes?
    The top words of question:
    ① What do you call? Where do you buy your house?
    ② Are you a new home or a supplementary furniture, or someone at home gets married?
    ③ Have you seen it in other stores? Hard work on the road, drinking a cup of tea.
    ④ Is there a drawing with drawings? Let me take a look.
    ⑤ Whether the graphic of the approximate graphics can be seen, I can help you see the size, how to place it.
    ⑥ Do you look at the sofa or the bed? ⑦ Do you use it yourself or for others at home?
    The steps to ask questions:
    ① Ask some simple and easy answers; ask the question of yes; ask the question of the second choice; try to say as little as possible.
    ② Think of the answer in advance.
    The most comprehensive furniture sales skills and words
    . Customer objection usually shows:
    ① price (customer always wants to buy the best product at the lowest price)
    ② Furniture of furniture
    ③ service (pre -sale, medium, back, on -site measurement, swinging field), guarantee and guarantee.
    Please remember: never solve all problems, only the proportion of continuous increase in transactions.
    . Do a top sales
    1. How to answer objections: (Affirmation of Agreement)
    The first recognition, then asking, identification is not agreed. Keep nodding and smiling at the moment.
    The hot words should be used when dealing with objections. Do not use "cold words"
    hot words: I know (understand) ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈
    I agreed (identity) ┈┈ ┈┈
    Cold words: but, that is, but.
    The interrogation skills exercise:
    how much does this set of furniture cost?
    The question: How much money is not the most important. The most important thing is that you like it or not, is it suitable? What do you say?
    Is there a dark color?
    The question: Do you like dark colors?
    How fast can you get to the goods?
    Is ask: When do you want us to be the most appropriate?
    The method of answering the price cannot be acceptable:
    ① How much is it?
    It is not the most important thing. Do you like this set of furniture? If this furniture is not suitable for you, will you buy it cheaper? Have you heard of the green channel? So let's take a look at this suitable price if it is suitable for you. Is the size appropriate? Can't let go, do you need anything other than this? Let me write it down first, and calculate it together. I will give you the most satisfactory price. (Moving focus)
    ② too expensive
    a. Too expensive is a mantra. (You can pretend not to hear, it is the best way)
    b. Instead of question: What kind of price do you think is not expensive.
    c. Do you know what is the difference between cheap furniture and expensive furniture?
    d. The value of shaping is not easy from the production process, indicating that the product itself is expensive
    e. R n 2. Affirmation skills:
    ① What you say is very reasonable, I understand your mood.
    ② I know what you mean, thank you for your suggestion
    ③ I agree with your point of view. Your question is very good.
    The method of recognition of recognition can not only be applied to the customer's claims in the on -site sales, but also applies in the process of processing customer after -sales service and complaints.
    3. The language signal of the transaction:
    a. When concentrated on a product, and ask if there are supporting products or gifts.
    b. Starting care of after -sales work, I always ask repeatedly to deliver the goods. Whether the original packaging, the after -sales service can be timely, there are problems with replacement, etc.
    In addition, there are some questioning signals:
    a. How about this kind of furniture sales? What is the minimum discount? b. How will you perform after -sales service? Is there any promotion now? Is there a gift?
    C. Is there any more detailed information? When can the order be delivered? d. I want to ask the opinions of my family?
    The behavior signal of transactions:
    a. When the customer's eyes are bright, seeing a certain product suddenly brighten the eyes and expose the joy.
    b. When suddenly stop asking questions, the customer looked at the goods, and asked about it. When the interruption was slightly thoughtful, he was considering whether to buy it.
    C. When comparing several products, customers compare a certain product to other products, or compare them with the same product.
    d. Take a closer look at the manual, carefully read the product description or publicity data, and ask questions.
    E. When customers pay great attention to the speculators, the customer's eyes are very sharp. They do not let go of the tone and content of a small movement, eyes, and conversation, for fear of being fooled.
    The method and technique of transactions:
    a. Bold transactions (anyway will not die)
    b. Ask the transaction
    c. R n d. Silent law (at a critical moment, when he is depressed, do not grab the wind, who will take advantage of the wind, wait for him to decide)
    e. After the transaction, transfer the topic.
    Furnical sales skills
    Basic etiquette
    No matter which type of sales do, we must understand basic etiquette and polite words. Not to mention the furniture, it comes to buy furniture with enthusiasm. For a warm home, of course, the best service and comfortable instructor should be answered. Therefore, we must first have basic etiquette. For example, if customers come, you can put a pot of tea first, because there will be more exchanges in buying and selling. The place where you provide temporary rest and indoor lights need not be too bright or designed to be warm.
    The age group of customers
    The use of furniture will change with the changes in the times, so it depends on the age group of customers. Generally, people with older age, but people who are economic capabilities will prefer dark wood furniture, and they look more intimate. The young guys like to prefer fabrics. If children are used, they are more inclined to color furniture. These depends on your own eyes to judge.
    Them structure according to the customer's house
    make's use of furniture needs to be supported with the house, otherwise it will be unscepled. Therefore, as a sales, it is also necessary to understand the customer's room design, which type of furniture is suitable for.
    It also depends on the wall of the house, what color is it, whether the window is light, etc. Of course, these are not necessary to go to the home owner's house, as long as you ask the customer when you look at the furniture.
    In the sense of trust
    The home supplies will consider safety issues. Furniture is the most frequent things at home, such as sofas, beds, etc. When furniture, it will consider whether it is safe. Then, the first feeling of sales staff should give others trust. If a person doesn't trust you enough, it is useless to say anything.
    It can build trust through some relatively simple communication. Don't be unliked, it is easy to be bored.
    The purpose of understanding the customer to buy furniture
    Mo and a few purpose of buying furniture: old change new, moving new home, new wedding. Learn about the purpose of customers to buy furniture and recommend it. For example, the newlyweds buy furniture, who prefer festives, and the colors are relatively fresh. If you change the old new, you may pay more attention to high -end products. The new home is more easy -going. Therefore, you can recommend it according to the purpose of buying furniture.
    The explanation of the functions and advantages and disadvantages of furniture
    Sales are not just selling products, but to introduce the performance and advantages and disadvantages of the product to help customers think and judge. So. After the customer sees a series of furniture, the performance introduces the performance and prepare for sales as sales. In addition to the advantages, we must also pay attention to the shortcomings of furniture and the hidden dangers of problems. Of course, general furniture does not have hidden safety hazards. It is just that there may be hidden dangers for some families, comparing children in the family and elderly people. So some overweight or too complicated are not suitable for them. These should be reminded as sales.
    In the hot words and affirmative tone
    During the communication process, the sales should be used more hot words or warm words. Try to communicate with customers in a certain tone. Avoid using some cold words or stiff words to avoid psychological burden.
    In answering customers' questions, try to be as short as possible. For the suggestions or denials made by customers, try to improve and accept the suggestions, rather than refute directly, let alone the customer understands nothing. This is a taboo.

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