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  1. Hello, if you want to study yourself, you must first have the following three points: 1. Have excellent artistic views and art appreciation, and be good at the design of various cartoon painting and illustration books. 2. Has a solid hand -drawn ability, design ability and independent creation of plane design capabilities; 3. Excellent understanding and communication ability, and the teamwork of teamwork. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I suggest buying a digital tablet and starting crazy practice. The art style, then continuously improved and improved, look at more art CG illustrations magazines, submit more, participate in some illustration competitions online, pay more attention, as long as you work hard, there will be results. In addition, you must be familiar with any vector software, such as, CorelDraw, Freehand, Flash, etc., familiar with graphic production software such as Photoshop. ——————————————————— I hope it will be helpful to you

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  3. First, there is no need to wait for the mentality to learn illustration. Some friends ask me how to become an excellent illustrator. In fact, there are many levels of upgrades, which also imply how you can learn illustrations. Here are the profound profound and profound of our Chinese text.
    The first layer of breakthrough: First of all, you learn to paint, sketching is the foundation of painting and must break through.
    The second layer breakthrough: it will be basically drawn to go from the direction of painting to illustrate the detailed classification of illustrations. Learn the relevant knowledge of illustration.
    The third layer of breakthrough: the standard of "teacher" and becoming an illustrator, not anyone can become an illustrator.
    The fourth layer of breakthrough: From the level of "teacher", to the excellent level, becoming an excellent illustrator.
    The breakthroughs of each layer require your effort, your patience, your perseverance.
    It, no matter which layer, what is the core layer first? That is your mentality. Since you like to learn illustration, let go of your own heart, and just learn it. You will have an illustration. The illustration industry will definitely not treat you. Because the industry is widely used in the industry and is very promising. If you always hesitate to wait, always hover at the door of the illustration. Over time, you don’t know who the illustration is. There is no you in the world of illustrations. , That's it, and the people in the illustration world continue to interpret their wonderful.
    The second illustration knowledge is like a sea of ​​smoke, how can you stand out quickly. Many people have learned illustrations, but many people have just learned illustrations, but they have not learned, why? Perhaps I didn't want to really learn illustrations. It was just here to travel. This does not matter, and for those who really like illustrations, love illustrations, and have made great efforts, those who still do not learn illustrations. It is really a pity.
    The students did not learn the illustration because there were too many illustrations. Many people dazzled and did not know how to start and how to learn. They could only find various information on the Internet with a hammer. Similar, wasting time, the learning mode I have more promoted is to learn with the master teacher study hard, and the two modes can really improve myself. If no teacher takes you in learning, he simply rely on his own feelings. Then you can only get lost. Even if you work hard, the direction is wrong, it can only be embarrassed.
    . If you want to really improve your illustration strength, even if you are zero, you can learn from my illustration teacher. At 8 o'clock every night, he will live online illustration knowledge on the Internet. From the level of painting, From the illustration industry, how to learn comprehensive interpretation of illustrations, of course, it will also talk about board painting. He talks about illustrations based on board painting paintings. This is currently popular painting direction in the world. I also studied on the board, listening to the master's lesson, and the students who were blindly groped for half a year. Students who liked to listen to his class can listen to his class. You can enter his board painting illustration and learning skirt: First of all, a set of numbers in front are: 646, followed by the number in the middle position: 496, and the number at the end is 574. The above three sets of numbers are combined in accordance with the order of order in order Just accept it. The gap between people is not in IQ, but whether it is learning and how to use time. Be a wise person, without the wind, let the wind first and let yourself fly.
    Wang students who love illustrations can truly control the illustrations and become heroes and conquerors in the illustration world. Those waiting and complaining are useless. Through their own efforts, open their own stars.
    The strength of the third illustration is both learned and practiced. The study of illustrations must be flexible, learned hard, and learn to understand, but this is not enough. You must practice more. There is no practice of knowledge. It is just a bunch of waste paper. I am too kind to myself, thinking that I am a genius, I understand, and the painting is a boutique. It is simply a dream of dreaming. I understand and draw exquisite works from the distance. Even if you are an art student, you have a good foundation, you must practice more. You are very hand -painted. You do n’t necessarily do it. You need a process of adaptation. If you leave, you are empty.
    The fourth style, proficient in a certain style. Generally, the paintings have their own style and relatively proficient style, and even say that there is a style that is exclusive to you. This is a good thing, which is very helpful for your future development.
    But if you do n’t know other styles, the customer ’s request cannot be satisfied. It is difficult to go on. Because in the early days, only you can satisfy the customer, and no customers can accommodate your style.
    The fifth good communication expression ability. The main role is to explain your works, as well as understanding the needs of customers. There are a lot of arrogance in painting. They often feel that their works are okay. The group of laymen who do not understand. Generally, the works that are thought to be in this way are problems. Customers may not understand painting, but know what they want and what the market needs. If you connect to the commercial insertion, then you determine that if you want it to be the perfect work, in addition to a good illustration, it also has good business value.
    Of course, it is also encountered that the customer really does not understand and does not appreciate it. At this time, I think that the good treatment method is to communicate as much as possible, to explain my thoughts, but if you don’t really say it, you ca n’t say it. In the case of his intentions, don't reject this life proudly that he is not bad for these money anyway. Now that it is, completion is a responsibility. Pride and pride are actually two different things.
    The sixth to be an illustrator to do.
    The work of the famous foreign illustrator Dave is more three -dimensional and clear in style. He always believes that you need to know the rules of painting before breaking the routine.
    For so many years he has been an artist, he has also made a lot of mistakes. For example, to draw aimlessly, but he did not absorb any nutrition from it, becoming more and more lazy, and he did not solve and listened to suggestions that should not be listened.
    In these mistakes, he realized how to create a unique and interesting role more accurately. Like music, you need a certain foundation to create new genres. These basic principles are: shape, structure and proportion.
    (1) Create solid basic skills. Can't ignore the foundation: shape, structure, and proportion, because they are integrated, even in the style of style
    . Shaping is the key. This should be the basic skill of every creator, but many times, this is not the case. When you don't even draw a real fish, how can you draw a cool fish? If the shape of the work runs off, it will make a big mistake. Shaping means disassembling everything into shape.

    1. Knowledge is power: structure.
    The structure refers to the anatomy of the things painted. The illustrator must understand the inherent structure of animals or items. Muscle, bones, skin, hair, torso, root system, branches, trees ... these are the composition of structure.
    The illustrator should ensure that he has no knowledge of knowledge and master the painting skills as much as possible in order to cultivate a intuitive familiarity. This is not only to master basic art rules, but whether you know how to apply it and truly understand them.
    has mastered the composition of animals, and the illustrator can play creativity freely without having to worry about the graphics that will be logical. Structure can help you achieve the best goal. Remember: If you want to exaggerate the appearance of things, you should know how to modify the structure to ensure the credibility of the graphic. Using a grid during painting, this can ensure that each graphic is perfect and accurate. The grid is the same as
    . It helps to draw the perspective scene.
    Tips: Using grid (also helps perspective scenarios)
    In the shape of the grid, or decompose each object into more simple shapes, such as blocks or triangles to get one to get one Simplify the way of sketching. With the help of the geometric structure to examine the works that look not right, this is basically equivalent to refining your illustration to a controllable small block.
    2. stereo perspective: ratio.
    The perspective is very important. It is important to imagine all two -dimensional objects as three -dimensional. This is especially important for concept artists and helps you understand the proportion. If you can't draw the original figure (square, circular, etc.) in different angles and different complexity scenarios, then it is still
    for the time being, do n’t think that you can draw a complex shape and form.
    3. Correct perspective.
    The perspective is a very good example of the interpretation ratio. It has great effects among everything. For example, if you do not fix the position of its eyes, when you want to draw the style very much (for example, the cute and anilotic style of the eyes), if your perspective is incorrect, it will look weird Essence
    "Make the painting interesting: Practice painting as a character with a eye"
    For example, symmetry is the key to the head, so make sure you notice when you draw your painting. Essence What if you flip your canvas? Does it still look right? If not, then your painting may be asymmetric. Perspective is a very difficult concept. Therefore, solving their easiest way is to use evidence squares and boxes to act as a role, making them interesting and making them rich dimensions. It's easy to find a box in an object in real life. It is very easy to turn these simple shapes into more complex shapes. Many animals and objects are basically composed of many simple graphics.
    (2) Reference and research are essential. Don't blindly come to the tomb, analyze your paintings in depth, and ask yourself: how did it draw?
    The reference for details on your drawing drawings. Learn as much anatomy and study real life as much as possible. Don't blindly understand it. Knowing the movement of each bone and the position of each muscle, these cognitions make him draw more vividly. You will write more freely instead of being restricted by cognition.
    Most animals have similar structures. Therefore, once you have these extensive concepts, such as the basic knowledge of human anatomy, you can fill this part of gap, free application, adjust the structure to create a style to create a style Essence If you want to imagine creation, you still have to return to the structure and form, you need to know that the more you do research and reference, you will. You may have heard a million times in art colleges, but the return of sketching is indeed priceless!

    (3) Correct your mistakes. Don't hide the sloppy lines, this is the process of ensuring your hands -on ability and using the lines freely.
    finds your shortcomings. Are you very good at drawing hands? Are you closer to your posture? Then you can study it! Every artist has its own weaknesses. We can sit and eat the same thing and always draw the same thing, but you know that this will never grow up and never learn. Analyze the one you draw-cut, decompose it into a structure, and think about why you draw this thing.
    In you can never foresee what the next job is, but it will always be beneficial to expanding your craftsmanship. Faced with those you. It is difficult to give up, don't give up but don't force yourself to be too tight. Maybe you take a few months or even years to truly master the essence, but these times are worth it.
    (4) Meter changes can cause qualitative changes, and practice is the most important. While facing things you feel difficult, don't work hard on your hands.
    Mas you can draw an attractive line? Practice your dexterity until you can be a real master. Bad mark is a good form of natural enemies, so it is important to ensure that it is correct. Try different ink styles to ensure that you can make neat shadow lines. Make sure that your painting looks good before coloring. Although you can cover the scribbled line diagram, you should not depend on this. It is important to paint my heart, and the combination of hands and eyes is important. Be sure to remember that if you want to be an excellent illustrator, you must practice more.

  4. does not have the basic art foundation. Can I learn to draw illustrations? It's so tangled inside. Many people always have an old concept in the subconscious. Learning painting must be learned in the special class since childhood. If you have a foundation, you can continue to learn from other various painting directions. Although I like to paint, I basically spend time on various elementary school junior high school and high school exams. When we become college students, or when we enter the society, I suddenly have our own time. When I want to do what we like Late, I think that painting should be learned by children. Now studying, is it unsuccessful?
    It this concept is very wrong. It is not late to learn when painting, not all from a child, painting has nothing to do with age, and it is related to you or not, so even if you do n’t have art, you do n’t have art. Basic, you can start learning to draw illustrations now. Besides, the foundation is not born. It is accumulated through your own learning and practice step by step. Do n’t always think about it. The mentality can go further. Don't be confused by the successful success in the TV series. Everyone's success is not easy. Is it more younger than Mr. Ren Lao. If you want to do what you want, do you do, do n’t always limit yourself.
    In another level, illustrations based on board painting are actually relatively easy to learn, because the combination of digital panels and PS software makes painting faster and simpler, and can make up for many paintings in your paintings. The disadvantage, if you need to learn the traditional hand -drawn illustration for four years, then you only need to learn for one year. This is the power of technology. The development of society, so do n’t always be tangled in yourself. There is a time that is used to study hard. Learning will make you refreshing.
    The wings for yourself, you can also draw exquisite illustrations in the wind. I always hear various fairy tales around me. Many people are usually unknown, and suddenly they have achieved great achievements. This is always impacting our inner world. We will think, so amazing, why not me, me, I OK? Can I? In envy, we will have a trace of lament, we can only waste our enthusiasm in waiting and hovering. In the same way, many of our classmates like illustrations, but they are not always drawn, because they do n’t know where to start, even if they read a lot of information on the Internet, they are still in a state that they ca n’t.
    I always emphasized a point of view, you can envy the counterattack, but you must know how to get the fastest and safest counterattack. That's because there is a master of guidance, the cattle people point you, and you can explore yourself for a month. Don't always build a car behind closed doors and can't get out of your own one acre. I know a very powerful teacher who plays the original painting of the board. He will talk about public classes passionately on the Internet every night. There are all kinds of painting skills, as well as the explanation of the development of the original painting and illustration industry. It is easy to understand, and it is particularly humorous. It will have a particularly great impact and help to our painting thinking. Students who want to learn can go to Teacher Yu Rou's core (homophonic): W9 is in front Yes: Kaka, combine the above two letters in the order.
    It in Jin Yong's martial arts world, there is a very good kung fu, called star suction Dafa, sucking the kung fu of others into his own body, for me, the same reason, and learning with the masters, it is also the essence of absorbing the master of masters. Become your own kung fu. If you have a master, you can absorb it. For a long time in the world, you will play with you in the world of painting.
    The three major exercises for the third illustration. Honestly systematically and systematically, do not think about the value income that paintings can bring to you for the time being, re -compete with the painting in the state of empty cups!
    1. You need to practice through perspective.
    It is nothing more than a point, highlights, three points of perspective understanding, and then all kinds of viewing and practice!
    2, line you need to practice.
    The multi -expression techniques and various processing techniques and shapes of lines to understand the lines of the lines, improve the aesthetics of the line, accurately draw the various relationships between lines, and at the same time master the basic method of grasping.
    3. Sketch you need to practice.
    This can be learned through geometric body, structural sketching, static sketching, and light and shadow sketching. Master the basic knowledge of sketching, and you can also deepen through the practice of material. The shape and perspective must be accurate. The border line is the most basic requirement for the sketching. The three major and five major tones must be understood and mastered. At the same time, the expression of different materials should be cope with in the material practice.
    4, the human body you need to practice.
    The human body is the flaws of many people. From the whole to the local, to the overall interspersed, and the focus of the human body is used to analyze it, at the same time use various human materials to practice Her human framework, which also includes the avatar of the subject, the structure, perspective of the facial features, etc.
    5, color you also need to practice.
    The basic principles of color and the laws of touching color, you will use common color use tools. You can try the stacking method and the direct color method. The situation of the gray is fixed) The saturation is too high, exposed, too dark, etc.!
    6. You also need to practice the avatar.
    The characteristics of the head and the need for the hairstyle, the head props needed? Do the head infrastructure and the characteristics of facial features, the difference between the facial painting between men and women? Practice.
    clothing is a very important link in character design. The attributes of clothing, design ideas, fold cloth patterns, and culture all need to be accumulated.
    8, the composition you also need to practice.
    The composition is indispensable for illustrations. Good composition can show the charm of the character more clearly. You need to understand the common composition rules in the illustration. When you start learning painting, you often feel that you do n’t have the bottom of your heart, and you do n’t know how to start learning. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out the thinking of learning before starting to learn painting and find the direction of learning.

    The standard skills of the fourth illustration learning. (1) Learn the basic theory of painting.
    It painting is a perceptual existence, but learning and painting must have basic theories, such as color principles, perspective, light and shadow, etc., all need to be understood. You can choose to buy books with some related theoretical knowledge, and you can rely on the Internet to learn about some resources. There are a lot of painting and learning resources, tutorials, and materials on the official website of the minor class. Interested friends can check it.
    (2) Do not fall into technical research.
    As a beginner, no matter what type of paintings you like, sketching, watercolor, color lead, etc. can be used. I hope you do not study too much about some expression techniques, but forget the cultivation of painting cultivation, such as observing, observation Ability, shape, color. Everyone has heard of the phrase "Learning to draw painting, starting from sketching". The sketch is too boring for most people.
    (3) Don't be too harsh on yourself.
    If you are a zero -based small white, please do not be too harsh on yourself, challenge some difficult works at once, such as painting portraits, even if you finish painting, it is just a appearance, and there is no harvest. Beginners should practice high -quality copying from Jane to difficulty, think about thinking, observe and compare more, and think more about the author "why this painting is expressed in this way" to achieve "knowing it and knowing why". Over time, your painting cultivation can be improved subtly.
    (4) Learn to persist.
    The nothing in the world is achieved overnight. Don't imagine painting can be quickly successful. Painting has its own particularity. If you want to learn painting well, you must go through long -term practice and long -term tutoring of professional teachers, especially students with weak foundations. Do not expect the previous course to learn at once. If you can't persist in practice, then no matter how good the teacher is, it is also white
    (5) Copy some interested paintings, and practice painting lines and strokes.
    It copy is also a good way to practice painting. When the novice first started painting, I may not know where to write, and when I painted a few places, although I always felt that I was not right, but I did n’t know how to change it. At this time, you can refer to some well -drawn paintings. Copy copying while studying, and over time, you can also draw well. However, if you copy it blindly, you may not be able to get higher breakthroughs in the interruption of the painting process. At this time, you may have to catch the foundation. The knowledge points of various outlines: perspective -sketch — still -human body -color -design -composition -composition -creation, this is a process stage of comprehensive system painting learning.
    (6) Painting and communicating with some like -minded people.
    It can be added to the circle of painting, discuss and communicate with some people, and then find out the shortcomings in the painting. For example, add a group of painting and communication groups in a mobile phone chat application, shoot your paintings for everyone to see, and then express your opinions to communicate with each other. I believe that more people are willing to show their proud work to others, or if they occasionally do not know how to continue writing, they will want to find someone to discuss and communicate. There is no shortcut learning painting, but if someone leads you, you can avoid many "pit" in the learning process and let you take less detours.

    It three major points of the fifth illustration learning. (1) Line draft.
    is a means of relatively intuitive and fast expressing the object of painting. A good line manuscript can fully express the image, temperament, material, thickness, etc. A complete and deep line draft itself is a artwork. The middle line draft in each painting style plays a very important role in the early sketch, especially Japanese comic illustrations with flat -coating.
    (2) The human body.
    The core of the human body is the study of bone structure dynamics and proportion, and then the muscle interspersed. There are some painting categories that do not require human anatomy as rigorous. Take Japanese and Korean animation illustrations as an example to understand the basic proportions and structures. Therefore, many human learning tutorials will focus on "Drawing Beans" or "Matchman".
    (3) color.
    The bottlenecks that are the easiest to encounter when self -study, color determines the recognition and richness of your work, so the relationship between color and light must be thorough, otherwise even comics can only do low -end drawing work.
    It, in fact, the grasp of color needs to be based on the learning of the previous sketch. Not only will it not change with the strength of the illumination, but the color temperature will also be shifted with the distance and strength of the light source. Visual projection of the reflection of material and so on. Looking at some basic tutorials on the Internet, drawing more practice is the main.

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