4 thoughts on “Where can I recruit workers in Tianhe City or nearby in Guangzhou?”

  1. There is a large -scale recruitment market near Tianhe City, Guangzhou __Sun Southern Talent Recruitment Market Southern Talent Market is a national -level regional talent market jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Personnel and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. It is managed by the Guangzhou Municipal Personnel Bureau. It is the most mature, authoritative, and largest human resources professional service agency in South China. : 020-85584301 Contact person: Miss Chen
    Fax: 020-85584301 Address: 2nd and third floor of Huapu Building, No. 104, Tianhe Road, Guangzhou (Southern Headquarters Recruitment Fair) Address: 6 Classics Building, No. 198 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou , Seventh floor (Southern Classic Recruitment Fair address)

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