1 thought on “What are the advantageous industries in artificial intelligence in Shenzhen?”

  1. Shenzhen City has an advantageous industry of smart chips, smart home, smart drones, intelligent connected cars, and smart robots in terms of artificial intelligence.
    It Shenzhen back to the Pearl River Delta region where the manufacturing industry and the service industry are developed, and have the overall advantages of the urban agglomeration. Shenzhen's leading industry high -tech industry provides technical layers of technical layers including computer vision, intelligent voice technology, natural language processing, and basic support, including cloud computing services, sensing hardware, computing hardware, etc. Essence
    In 5 years to build a global leading artificial intelligence industry highland
    Shenzhen to formulate a roadmap in the next 5 years in two stages: By 2020, the goal of promoting the scale of the artificial intelligence industry, technological innovation capabilities and application demonstrations are in the goal In China ’s leading level, key core technologies in some areas have made breakthroughs, and a number of unique open innovation platforms have become industry benchmarks.
    According to the plan, in 5 years, Shenzhen targets more than 20 innovative carriers, cultivates more than 20 technological innovation capabilities at the leading leading enterprise in China, and builds 10 key industrial bases. The scale of the core industry of artificial intelligence exceeded 30 billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to 600 billion yuan.

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