2 thoughts on “How to make small balcony fake mountain fish ponds”

  1. The production steps of indoor balcony fake mountain fish ponds can be divided into five steps, namely: choose stone, masonry fish ponds, water -proof flour, make rockery, and install circulatory systems. 1. Choose stone materials: Common stone materials are: British stone, turtle pattern, water absorption stone, thousand layers of stone, etc. 2. Masonry fish ponds: masonry fish ponds are generally made of ordinary red bricks. How high the bricks are corresponding. 3. Waterproof powder: When the pond matrix is ​​mixed, and watering for 24 hours, leak -proof construction can be performed. 4. Rocket Mountain production: (1) First adjust cement slurry (2) stone processing (3) bonding mountains

  2. The homemade rockery fish pond, the original rockery was made of it, the cost is low, quickly try

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