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  1. Mainly facing architectural design and building renderings (image production) companies, architectural design consulting companies, real estate companies, construction project planning companies and other related enterprises and institutions, in architecture design, CAD drawing, 3D renderings production and newspaper construction group group group , Engaged in architectural plan design, preliminary architectural design, building construction map design, building renderings production and reporting.
    The employment direction of architectural design has design units in the building design research institute, architectural design firm and other construction industries. Management and other work; obtaining civil servants in the urban construction department to engage in management planning; or enter the real estate industry to engage in real estate development. Working, assistant, design and other tasks, such as architectural designers, architects, assistant architects, architectural solution designers, architectural design managers, design director, architectural construction designer, solution designer, etc.
    Te construction design professional training can engage in engineering practice and design research in architectural design and related fields in design institutions, scientific research units and professional institutions. Relying on the comprehensive teaching resources of art disciplines, we emphasize the in -depth thinking and design innovation practice of architectural phenomena with the spirit of practice.
    of course, the level of intending to apply for graduate students can also apply for the relevant conditions:
    (1) Citizens of the People's Republic of China.
    (2) Supporting the leadership of the Communist Party of China, good morals, and abide by the law.
    (3) physical health conditions meet the medical examination requirements prescribed by the state and admissions units.
    (4) Candidates must meet one of the following qualifications and other conditions:
    The fresh graduates of the country recognized their academic qualifications (the undergraduate certificate of undergraduate graduation recognized by the state must be obtained before September 1 of the year).
    The person with a national undergraduate degree with a national recognition.
    In the graduation degree of higher vocational colleges recognized by the state for 2 years (from graduation to September 1st, the same below) or more than 2 years after graduation, reaching the same academic ability as college graduates, and in line with admissions enrollment Personnel requests for the specific business requirements put forward by the candidates based on the training goals of the unit.
    Curagal graduates who recognize their academic qualifications, apply for the same degree as undergraduate graduates.
    The person who has obtained a master's and doctoral degree.
    The graduate students must obtain the consent of the training unit before the registration.
    Graduate candidates for management joint examinations:
    I registered for the Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Management, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Tourism Management, Master of Engineering, Education Management in Master of Education, Master of Sports, Master of Sports, Master of Sports, Personnel who organize professional degrees for graduate students in the competition must meet the requirements of the following conditions:
    The requirements in Article 16 (1), (2), and (3).
    The person who has more than 3 years of work experience after graduating from the university; or after obtaining a graduate degree of higher vocational college recognized by the state, has more than 5 years of work experience to achieve personnel who have the same academic ability as undergraduate graduates; Those who have obtained a master's degree or doctoral degree and have more than 2 years of work experience.
    The postgraduate conditions:
    The person who register for individual examinations must meet the following conditions:
    (1) Eliminating Article 16 (1), (2), (3) All requirements.
    (2) After obtaining the national recognition of the undergraduate degree, it has been working for more than 4 years after 4 years. Experts from the technical titles are recommended by the employees of the employment unit; or work for more than 2 years after obtaining a master's degree or doctoral degree, and the business is excellent. The unit of the unit.
    The graduate students such as the Master of Education Management, Master of Agricultural Student Aid Counseling, and application for studying abroad, such as studying in Thailand, studying in Singapore (Urban University in London, UK), and Hong Kong (Hong Kong Lingnan University

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