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    Id advertising recruitment
    Id advertising recruitment is a method of using more use, which is characterized by small costs and simple production.
    For example, a small -scale store, post the recruitment information and post it in a conspicuous position. Be careful not to post on the street, usually on the wall or door of your own store.
    The enterprise can make a stand -up billboard, placed at the door of the enterprise or conspicuous. The vivid description and eye -catching poster effect can also attract many candidates!

    In online release
    This is the most common recruitment method in the Internet era, which is characterized by convenience and saving.
    Enterprises cooperate with some recruitment websites to release their own recruitment needs on the Internet. Job seekers search for resumes that are suitable for their positions online. Just save time and effort. This is what most young people like to find work channels, and it is also a recruitment method that companies will choose now.

    School cooperation
    The companies are now in cooperation with some colleges and universities with talent employment, which is suitable for personnel and stability.
    The employment management departments of the enterprise and the employment management of colleges and universities will recommend students to employment according to the major of graduates and their own expectations. Because there is a long -term cooperation in this way, the two parties have a certain trust foundation, and it is more conducive to the common development of students, schools, and enterprises.

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