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  1. Saying a few points I feel useful:
    1. In addition to a refreshing resume, you also have to prepare materials that can prove your strength and ability. Such as your design work, the article you write, the project report you have done, and so on. At the stage of delivering resumes, you can actively provide HR with these proof materials.
    2. Find one or two reliable good headhunters. Good headhunters will help you sort out your resumes, provide professional planning suggestions, and tell you the actual situation of the new company, which greatly improves your efficiency of finding your job.
    3. Use the internal push. Tell all your friends when looking for a job. If a friend happens to be in the company you want to go, push inward can save you a lot of time. What about the company you want to go? It doesn't matter, using similar platforms such as LinkedIn and pulse to actively hook up, recommend yourself, and strive to let the other party help you push inward.
    4. In addition to the major photo websites and APP Haitou, you also need to find your favorite company. Then go to the company's website and the public account to take the initiative to establish a connection with HR.
    5. Do you know more about the company you want to go. Most companies will ask your understanding and views on the company during the interview, and even your suggestions for your post. Say your thoughts boldly, even if it is superficial. The company can understand your unfamiliar to the new company, but absolutely don't like people who have no ideas.
    6. Adjust the mentality, don't be too humble, the company chooses you, you also choose the company. You have an equal relationship with the company. You must ask questions and ask questions politely and ask questions. In each link, keep in touch with HR, don't wait passively.

    . In addition, I think it is necessary to sort out something at the level of ideological consciousness.
    First of all, we must make sure that the attitude of finding a job is to turn elegantly, not a rush to escape.
    Secondly, remember to make kung fu in front, and make yourself prepare before looking for a job.
    First, improve your strength. Let yourself have a weapon that can get a shot. Ten thousand hours of tempering can improve a skill. If you don't believe it, you must have never tried it.
    Secondly, create a personal brand. You have to let others know what you are doing and what you are good at doing. Use platforms such as good friends, Weibo, LinkedIn, etc., consciously label yourself.
    third, expand the connections of the workplace. Outstanding colleagues around you, your leaders, your partners, your supplier ... In addition, actively "hook up" the excellent people in the industry. For example, at the offline conference to meet the industry's counterparts, participate in the industry community, let the big coffees in the community remember you and recognize you.
    master the necessary techniques and make adequate preparations. You can definitely get a satisfactory offer!

  2. is derived from PPT, not only PPT, hello, I am Lao Qin.

    In wanting to find a job efficiently, you need to know the "truth" of finding a job.
    Simple to say three.

    . Do not always stare at the annual salary of the monthly salary. The salary is like workers on the production line. In fact, the annual salary is quite deceived, and it is precisely the hourly salary.

    The classical teacher once told a small story -
    A white bone essence of about 35 years old to come to us. She needs to choose in two tasks: one is a production of 300,000 annual salary One is a market planning with an annual salary of 100,000. She likes the latter's rhythm and content, but is attracted by the previous salary.
    We carefully calculated her working time: the former is working overtime every day, a holidays, and the show is full on the holidays. It works for nearly 15 hours a day; the latter is a 8 -hour life. In this way, the hourly salary of the two is about the same, but the "good work" has set the three years to one year. If the future medical expenses incurred are added, it is better than "bad work".
    I asked her, what do you need to make a lot of money the fastest speed now, or do you like what you like at your own rhythm?
    . She suddenly realized the latter and never felt a loss.

    Remember, if you want to know your value, you must see if your unit time is more valuable.
    . The way to improve the resume passing rate is "investing what it is good." Impression and good feelings?
    don't think this assumption is meaningless. On the busy campus recruitment season, when HR looks at a bunch of high resumes, it is a quick look at it. There is not so much time reading word by word.
    So do not submit the positions of all enterprises with the same resume. It is best to target and pay attention to targetedness. rn花心思准备几份不同的简历,内容上重点列举与所申请公司及职位相关的信息,弱化对方并不重视的内容,形式上花点心思融入一些对方企业的元素,比如配色、 The interface is easier to stand out.
    don't feel that you can find a good job with your resume group, you are stupid, people are not stupid.
    It is not attentive, it is obvious.
    For example, a rich man in the P circle showed us a screenshot when he was chatting. It was his resume he had just graduated for job hunting.
    This is not a resume to hit the world, but to fine -tune the various versions according to different companies:
    The resume is indeed not universal, it is just a knock on the door. However, don't expect a bad resume to move HR.
    Remember, HR sees a person's attitude towards your resume and see a person's attitude towards work.
    . Good job is not "found", but "research".

    It use all resources to understand everything that is about to apply for the company, combine its own needs and attention, and understand through the official website, official micro, teacher, senior school sister and other channels.
    , for example,
    what can I do in this job? Is it the company's core business?
    In the company's brand and treatment? Do you recognize the company's corporate culture?
    Who is the leader? Who will take me? Can I learn a lot from them?
    Is the company's training? Did you learn what you need most?
    Remember, the opportunity is just for those who are fully prepared and are good at creating opportunities. If you are not ready, you are preparing to fail.

    The truth about finding a job, do you know all?
    If useful, don't forget to like it ~

  3. 1. The recruitment website is basically unreliable, including the three major, the water is relatively large, and the good companies will have their own recruitment system. This is more reliable, and then a preaching session and a job fair.
    2. Basically, the group noodles are as long as the campus recruitment is more, and the interviews with group noodles are basically doing basic work, so the more important characteristics of the group face should be understanding, implementation of execution, execution Force, reactiveness, as for leadership, organizational strength, and good degree.
    3. The corporate culture is very important, but what is the official said, the free Bulabula is tip. The company's vision is the company's vision. It is people who really do things. Generally, there are no more people in the previous position. 20, the route they do is basically related to the leadership ideas, not the company's vision.
    4. The results of the same thing in different systems of companies are completely different. A newcomer in a foreign company, you are the first to leave a very good impression every day. Essence
    5. I think most of the college students who have not been exposed to society, what accurate positioning, should be less and refined, in fact, it is quite nonsense. As much as possible in the early stage of job search, determine your own direction through the summary of constant interviews.

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