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  1. Beverage marketing planning scheme (1)
    . Marketing background analysis
    A. In 1992, 479 cities across the country, 340 million urban population in 1994, 7,000 to 80 million in flow population, 640 cities in 1995 , 178 medium cities, 76 large cities and large cities.
    B. In 1999, Coca -Cola sold 388 million boxes, Pepsi 109 million boxes, and Coca -Cola has been sold for 330 million boxes from January to June 2000. And measures. Our drinks will surpass their performance. (Others)
    . The target market and creativity instructions
    With the continuous and stable growth of the national economy, under the circumstances of a certain amount of social assets, the economic growth rate of enterprise super national or regional economic growth has increased significantly. Market wars are inevitable. How to make consumers buy a company's products and make consumers satisfy the best way to maximize profits and long -term development. At the same time, it is also determined that a company cannot have 100%market share at this stage. It also gives each one. An opportunity for an enterprise.
    It's beverage market, from the large multinational group Coca -Cola, Pepsi, small as small as Jianlibao, coconut wind and other brands of beverages. In the 1997 market war, according to its previous experience and corporate strength, it is easier to expand its market. At the same time, it will also cause more intense market competition. As a "drink" of new beverages, it will join the battle and directly enter the competition. The core of the core will be crowded out. Therefore, we hope that our drinks will be listed as a special drink in the Chinese tourism industry in 2011. The number of tourists will reach 4.2, and revenue will be 437.57 billion.
    This concept of this plan is started by the tourism industry. For the consumer group of tourists, the funds in their hands are sufficient, the social activity is wide, the liquidity is strong, and the ability to accept new things is strong. The recognition and trust of the consumer group will drive a large number of consumer groups. It is planned to enter the tourist attraction market at the beginning of the year, and at the same time enter a small number of cities markets. At this stage, increase publicity and establish a brand as the top priority, avoid reality, and prepare for entering the city market. Entering summer at the same time in the scenic area and the city to launch a sales offensive, facing the youth consumer group, to the public after the brand is established, the ultimate goal allows "beverages" and fruits. Foreign tourists lay a good foundation for opening the international market in the future. On the one hand, it is a strategy of developing the market among tourists to enable enterprises to enter the city market. Tourists and urban markets complement each other, which can be loose and tight.
    . Marketing planning case
    1. Products
    A. Packaging is in conjunction with national regulations. Increasing the anti -counterfeiting sign is not to prevent counterfeiting and attract consumers' attention.
    B. Price recommendation is recommended to be a unified retail price of 3 yuan in the country. First, reduce the time of money and store transaction; second, easy calculation and zero; third, the appropriate time to increase the automatic vending machine.
    (other slightly)
    2. Promotion strategy (mainly advertising)
    A. Suggestions of advertising words are "beverage and vegetable juice merged into nature", national media chose to be TV -based, reasonable reasonable, reasonable, reasonable Selecting the time period, you can follow the time period of Coca -Cola and other commercials.
    The local selection of newspapers as the media. Choosing TV is generally based on demand TV series or added on the children's program period.
    B. Uniform brand logo of the national sales point, such as the signs of sunshine, umbrella, etc., and make exquisite keychain as a gift.
    C. Strengthen marketing planning and strive to be listed as a designated drink in "2011 China Tourism".
    D. Large -scale activity
    A. Local TV station in the Landscape Victims, the competent tourism department produces a TV series of "drinks with you", leaving 2 to 3 minutes of tourism guidelines, introducing accommodation, introducing accommodation, introducing boards and lodging. Tourism routes highlight safety. This landscape film should be made as soon as possible. The role of the local tourism economy is on the one hand, which is convenient for drinks to enter the local market. On the other hand, avoid contact with local protectionism.
    B. Make 60 or 40 "Motherland Scenic Wins" commemorative card, each with a scenic spot. Each bag is carried. The general principle is only sold in the local scenic area. The production requirements: easy to collect and have memorable value. Among the consumers who have the most collected cards, one of the consumers with the largest number of cards are selected as a reputation of a beverage sales inspector to enjoy the same treatment and monthly salary of corporate employees and monthly salary. Several, the other, two, three, and a few commemorative prizes.
    3. Sales channels
    1) East -west is along the Yangtze River, north and south are used as two main lines in the Beijing -south. And the industrial and agricultural production bases selected regional sales headquarters in Beijing, Chongqing, Nanjing, and Guangzhou.
    A. Beijing Headquarters is responsible for the sales business of the three provinces of Northeast, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei.
    B. Chongqing Headquarters is responsible for the sales business of Yun, Gui, Hubei, Sichuan, and Tibet.
    C. Guangzhou headquarters is responsible for the sales business of Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Hunan, Guangxi, and Jiangxi.
    D. Nanjing Headquarters is responsible for the sales business of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Anhui.
    E. Xi'an Enterprise Headquarters is responsible for the sales business of regional sales of Shanxi, Henan and Northwest provinces.
    2) Establish a tourist sales network by five headquarters in their respective regions, and dealers (first levels) of famous tourist scenic spots (first levels), with credibility, service, and popularity, and directly wholesale to retailers as the bidding object.
    This Choose a first -level sales branch or first -level dealer in the respective region to select a densely populated, well -developed and economical cities, and gradually establish a cities in this region to shrink or expand the extension of the network according to the local sales situation.
    3) Five headquarters are responsible for business in each region. The enterprise headquarters coordinate management and establish an information system network, timely collect, feedback information, formulate promotion, marketing promotion plans, and organize and implement the company's headquarters to determine information, formulate allocation of distribution and marketing Quantity, improve the sales supervision system.
    4. Marketing steps (slightly)
    5. Note
    1) Strengthen advertising planning and product planning, especially for corporate image planning.
    2) Timely and accurately collect information, quickly organize and analyze, adjust the sales plan, and prevent problems before they occur.
    3) For activities carried out on the return of 1997, the risk factor of the non -resistant and resistance should be fully estimated.
    Puctuality planning plan (2)
    . Activity background
    Coca -Cola and Hong Kong Disneyland officially announced in Guangzhou on April 7th. On September 12th, the opportunity to open and cooperated with Hong Kong Disney to launch the promotional activity of Hong Kong Disney for free.
    . Activity objects
    15-15 -year -old young family is the most dynamic and most adventurous family. They are more likely to be attracted by the dream and exciting Disney trip, so they are they are This event attracted the main target group.
    . Activity forms
    In except for this "Drinking more, hurry up and fast action" activity, the event is unveiled, and ten golden cover or bottle caps are collected. The special heart card with Disney as the background, mail it to his father or mother for free in exchange for an opportunity to express filial piety to surprise his parents.
    The draw number is printed on each heart card. After the "Parental's Day" (June 30), Coca -Cola Company has a lottery.
    The operation form is based on the sales channels of Coca -Cola Company itself. Each box of product delivery heart card (), consumers gather ten rings or gold blocks to the nearest sales point in exchange for the heart card. It is convenient for consumers to redeem the prize, and it also makes Coca -Cola companies easier to operate and monitor this event.
    . The analysis of the entry point
    The activity of beverage promotion is colorful and diverse. Only with affection as the background. Emotional appeal.
    . The saying goes: motherly love is like water, father loves like mountains. Parents' love for children is the greatest love in the world. Just like the love of the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River, the love of the Chinese children of Huaxia in Huangshan.
    Is a fashionable and lively younger generation when creating their own heavens and earth, and at the same time, they also deeply grateful for their parents' raising. But in a relatively conservative family atmosphere, it is difficult to find the appropriate way to express their filial piety. Mother's Day (May 8th) and Father's Day (June 19), although it is a festival in the United States, is increasingly accepted by people all over the world, especially in China. In order to allow more target consumers to pay attention to and participate in this promotion, we will use the heart card as a bridge to communicate with the parents as a bridge to express filial piety to the entry point.
    The activity of Coca -Cola's "Unveiled Polite Multiple surprises" not only provides a proper form of filial piety. You can also get multiple surprises such as Changyou, drinking and raffle, thereby stimulating consumers' desire to buy.
    5. Activity goals
    1. This promotion is to make the target group pay more attention to the promotion of Hong Kong Disney for free to travel to Hong Kong Disney.
    2. The attractive publicity of the sales point, and the festival cover promotion with the title of filial piety, thereby achieving a purpose of improving instant sales and achieving re -sales.
    3. Integration and dissemination of special channels and distribution channels to expand the impact of this promotion.
    . The place of communication
    is the target consumer group gathering place, school (high school/university) and Internet cafes.
    7. Communication strategy:
    1. The design of the heart card
    The heart card adopts printed matter, the design and publicity copy are provided by Kailu Company, the background of Disney Theme and production.
    2. Campus promotion
    A. The school is informed by posters such as selling points, walkway and other activities, publicity singles pages and other ground methods.
    B. Mobilize the school student union. According to different situations of each school, formulate publicity methods
    , such as: school radio, school newspaper to publish family -related soft text reports or interviews, slightly brand advertisements and inform this event that can be collected on the cover cover. In exchange for information card information and other methods.
    c, not informing the air media such as newspapers, television, radio, and other air media.
    D. The poster uses printing materials. The design and publicity copy is provided by Kaide Company. The advertising propaganda painting provided by Coca -Cola Company is used as a blueprint.
    . Internet cafes are promoted
    The Internet cafes use advertising desktop and advertising screen protection forms. Design and publicity copywriting is provided by Kailu Company. And propaganda theme.
    4. Large store promotion
    The large supermarkets set up selling counters on Saturday and Sunday to inform the ground methods such as posters and publicity singles pages.
    The large stores are carried out by road shows and on -site promotion. Selected on holidays.
    , roadshow planning
    1. The significance and purpose of the activity
    A. Increase the exposure of the brand, increase the attention of consumers' attention to the activity of this "lid with polite multiple surprises", increase Brand understanding and preferences;
    B. Large -scale events on the spot cooperate with promotions to increase sales, ensure the shipping rate of dealers, and increase the confidence of the dealer's main brand; Increase the "volume" from the terminal, suppress the sound of other brands, and occupy the position;
    d. With large roadshow activities, highlighting the emotional demands of Coca -Cola Company, the emotional appeal of the affection, and the emotion of "unveiled the multiple surprises with politeness" Pay the way;
    E. For the promotion of Hong Kong Disney for free to play with the promotion of Hong Kong Disney for free and increase sales
    . Theme of roadshow activities
    1. The longing for dreamy and exciting Disneyland;
    . The sensational interpretation of affection as the main line, highlight the role of the heart card, arouses the desire of instant purchase;
    3. Promotional theme:
    "Unveiled the polite multi -surprise"
    4. Activity location
    1. The selection of location is selected by the dealer and sales representatives. It does not exceed ten minutes of walking), the performance venue is more than 1,000 square meters, and three -sided open space shall not occupy the main road of urban roads;
    . The dealers are responsible for the dealer, venue fee, management fee and other venue fees shall be dealers. Payment;
    5. Activity form and promotional portfolio
    1. Time: April-June 2005, first time in the early stage of this period of event promotion and promotion as the pavement. At the same time Pinded, a small amount of rainwater is available for double arch, and the effect of the activity is guaranteed;
    2. The content and performance form of the production strategy production activity, materials preparation, personnel composition, business training, etc.;
    . The activity should be weekly. Six or Sunday, based on tour performances, exhibitions, on -site questions and answers, test drives, raffle activities, interactive games;
    . Promotion content: According to the promotion content of "Unveiled multiple surprises", it is recommended to be distributed. Business arrangements for more intensive promotional content, such as adding small gifts, etc.;
    activity process
    1. Sales representatives and dealers report to the roadshow activity plan in this sales area, including time, location, venue,,, venue,,,,,, venue,,,,,,, venue,,,,,,,,,, venue,, Promotion content;
    . The business department for approval;
    3. The advertising department arranges the plan and responds in writing according to the summary of each line; The props are in place, in the evening, installation;

    10:00 activities start;
    content: hip -hop, host introduce the activities and call for everyone to participate actively. Sensational sketches, interactive game activities, sales, consultation, waiting
    12:00 lunch break
    14:30 pm
    content: literary performance, interactive game activity, sales, consultation, etc. r
    17:00 Exit
    Interactive game:
    1. Quick drink ratio
    competition rules: paper cups, drinking drinks faster
    , Xigan cup
    competition planning planning : The two of them took the drink 4 meters apart, and a whistle walked into each other. After three times, the toast was successfully toast
    . Take 4 cups of drinks, one cup on both sides, one cup in the middle, first to the end to win
    4. Other mini games
    names, rules, etc. It is more suitable for the needs of customers. It needs to be sold strongly. At the same time, in order to produce greater results, the following methods will be arranged to monitor the execution of the activities:
    . Each road show, arrange an advertising department staff to present the scene. The entire process of monitoring activities;
    2. The active effect of the production effects of agency companies, sales representatives, advertising departments, and dealers, and the implementation of the execution of the diagnosis activity;
    3. At least 4 photos are prepared for each activity, which reflects the panoramic view, dance, test drive, car skills performance of the activity;
    . The number of gift consumption of each activity provides a detailed statement;
    5 2. Provide accurate group photos and sign -in tables on the scene;
    . Promotional activities (for reference)
    . Activity theme: Unveiled the polite multi -surprise
    . Activity time: 2005 4 March 27th to June 30th
    3. Activity area: Nine Cities of Guangdong Province (Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hua Cong, Dongguan, Foshan, Qingyuan, Haifeng)
    . Activity activities Content:
    Drove the surprise award: Unveil the golden cover, and you will have the opportunity to get the first to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland
    to unveil the experience award: unveil the golden cover. Award: Drove the golden cover and keep it all the time. As long as you set up ten ring or golden cover, you can send the special heart card provided by Coca -Cola Company on Mother's Day and Father's Day
    Father can participate in the lottery according to the number on the heart card, and he has the opportunity to get (the prize is to be determined)
    . The cost budget (slightly)
    . The consumer understands the understanding of Hong Kong Disney's promotional activities, improving the influence of activities, and directly promoting the increase in sales of Guangdong;
    The marketing method with affection as the background increases consumers' preference for brand and helps improve the brand image.
    3. A sense of participation in activity form and content, realize the interaction between the brand and consumers, and increase attention;
    The promotional activity theme is clear, long duration, strong strength, novel activity, far -reaching influence.

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