4 thoughts on “Where does the product and food packaging design be better?”

  1. Shenzhen Hao Kung Fu Design Company is doing well. The industry's reputation is good
    The fashion packaging design company focusing on food packaging design and fast consumer goods packaging. Use "foot" to make creativity is the company's operating characteristics! The 7 -year market experience tells us that only in the in -depth market survey, understanding and analysis can we create the benefits of "magnet products" in depth and fundamentally attract consumers! We are guided by the brand strategy, focusing on practical results, and showing more fashionable concepts. Combining the profound understanding of China's local markets, enterprises, consumers, and culture, and the accurate grasp of the trend, it provides customers with original and systematic market driving force. Help customers increase product sales and image. Adhere to the service concept of "good packaging is advertising, good packaging is productivity". In the past 7 years, it has successfully provided packaging design services to nearly 200 food companies, becoming the innovative power of the Chinese food packaging design industry

  2. Master Bao Yang Hong served more than 100 successfully, you can look at the case first.

    The packaging is the first step for consumers' visual feelings. It must be a dual recognition of consumers' vision and psychology. Be sure to design packaging from the perspective of selling goods.

    Be good product packaging planning will analyze, target consumers, product characteristics, market environment, competitors.

    The material is so rich that consumers are increasingly picky about product packaging choices. The fierce market competition has made the product's homogeneity increasingly serious, more and more shelves are the same, and consumers face a variety of products on the shelves. Good packaging design is your cheapest marketing tool.

    Backs of adults Yang Hong advocate product packaging to sell goods. Product packaging is a gold salesman. More than 100 successfully served.

    What product packaging design is successful design
    1. Product packaging design must attract consumers attention
    2, can jump out from similar competition products n2 R n3, product packaging can play the basic attributes of protecting the product
    4, product packaging must serve consumers to promote the purchase of consumers
    5, we must design product packaging from the height of the brand. The product packaging is the brand. The important part of the component is the direct carrier and externalization of the brand.

  3. The mast design is an expert in product packaging design and food packaging design. Focusing on food packaging design for many years, according to the resource advantages of each customer, with unique strategies and extraordinary ideas, tailor -made personalized packaging design schemes for enterprises.

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