The Central Economic Work Conference has determined how much real estate regulates the People's Daily's interpretation of house prices to fall

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    In the house, everyone is most concerned about house prices. The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that real estate development companies should encourage real estate development companies to adjust marketing strategies in accordance with market laws, appropriately reduce the price of commercial housing, promote the merger and reorganization of the real estate industry, and increase the concentration of industrial. So in the process of destocking, can the house price be reduced and how much can it fall?

    On January 23, 2013, a worker walks in the Baiyullan Plaza in the North Bund in North Bund in Shanghai. Within the project site.

    On January 23, 2013, a worker was walking in the construction site of the Beibu Bund Baiza Plaza project under construction. Surging News reporter Yang Shenlai

    In asked: What effect does migrant workers buy a house for destocking

    Ilistellaries: How much potential to buy house buying in the city? R? R? n
    The director of the Real Estate Research Institute of Tsinghua University: Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the total number of migrant workers at the end of 2014 was 274 million. At the end of October this year, the area of ​​commodity housing was about 440 million square meters, and the contract was 4.4 million units; the area of ​​commercial housing to be sold was 680 million square meters, and the contract was 6.8 million. It can be seen from these data that the theoretically 10%of migrant workers realize citizenship, which can effectively alleviate the inventory pressure of the current commercial residential market.

    . However, the place where the employment of migrant workers and the houses they can afford to buy are often separated. For example, housing in 90 key cities is often a house that is difficult for migrant workers to afford, and the housing they can afford is often distributed in county -level cities, counties, or formal towns. Difficulty.

    The president of the Hainan Real Estate Intermediary Industry Association and Chairman of Hainan Lide Real Estate Co., Ltd. Qiu Tinglu: In the long run, migrant workers have a demand for house purchase. Essence As for how many can be transformed into effective demand, it depends on what policies that the government has issued and how much support is.

    Ilvas: From the current level of housing prices, how can we support migrant workers to pay the first payment?

    Liu Hongyu: Let migrant workers enter the commercial residential market to buy a house, pay the payment, difficulty. A calculation: The current average sales price of commodity housing in the country is about 6500 yuan/square meter. If you estimate 90 square meters, plus taxes and decoration costs, the total cost of a house is 500,000 yuan.

    In the data released by the Office of the State Council's Migrant Workers' Working Group in February, the average monthly income of migrant workers was 2864 yuan. If there are two people who work in one migrant worker family on average, their annual household income is about 50,000 yuan, and the house price income ratio reaches 10 times. 30%of the down payment also takes all 3 years of household income. If the taxes and decoration costs are considered, the burden is quite large.

    In this sense, in order to enable migrant workers to afford or rent a house in cities, there must be government subsidies. For example, migrant workers can buy and rent affordable housing, provide financial support and tax benefits to households in house purchases, and can also adopt the common property right model of renting and mixed. To be able to do this, we must reform the existing urban housing system, and provide the government to provide a policy basis for various forms of subsidies for the newly settled migrant workers.

    Qiu Tinglu: In recent years, my country's migrant workers' income has increased significantly. Let's take a zero work. For example, you can earn more than 200 yuan in second- and third -tier cities, and first -tier cities will be higher. After two or three years of undergraduate graduates working in second- and third -tier cities, the monthly salary reached about 3,000 yuan. Therefore, as long as migrant workers are willing to suffer, income is not a big problem. In the income of first -tier cities to buy a house in third- and fourth -tier cities, most migrant workers pay the down payment issues, but it is impossible for everyone to afford a house. Some people will always choose to rent a house.

    The reporter: What measures should be supported by migrant workers to form a real house purchase ability?

    Liu Hongyu: Promoting civicization of migrant workers, more about promoting urbanization development From the perspective of improving the quality of urbanization. If a migrant worker family has stable employment and family income, and the government provides the necessary basic public services, it has the condition for becoming a real citizen, and it will generate more reliable housing demand.

    It if you can realize purchasing or renting housing with policy support, it will help digestion inventory, drive housing construction and investment. However, if only to digest real estate inventory to achieve citizenization, that is, when you buy a house with policy housing finance, citizenship will have potential financial risks.

    The director of the Macroeconomic Research Office of the National Information Center Economic Forecast Department: The key to destocking is to cultivate migrant workers into new citizens and make them the main force of buying a house. Many policy systems, such as public rental housing, affordable housing, etc. At the same time, the real estate destocking should be combined with the reform of urbanization. In addition, it is necessary to let the developer reduce prices and return house prices reasonably. In this way, the small area is far away, and the new citizens can afford it.

    The question: lower the price of commercial housing, what can the government do

    Reporters: What measures can the government take?

    The price of housing is possible, especially in third- and fourth -tier cities. In order to reduce market risks, the government can adopt the necessary incentive policies or the practice of group purchase affordable housing to encourage developers to actively reduce prices. Of course, there is also a very important feature in the real estate market. Most people buy a house in the process of rising house prices. If house prices are in a downward channel, people are worried that they will rarely buy them. Therefore, the government and all sectors of society should try to maintain a relatively stable market environment to help people make rational purchase decisions.

    Niu plow: The easiest thing to lower the price is to suppress the land price. However, this involves land fiscal revenue from governments at all levels. The land transfer fee has fallen by more than 30%this year, and the pressure has been great. If the price is reduced again, it is really worse, so this is not realistic.

    However, there are still many stamps in related taxes, fees and links. Not only manufacturing companies, but also related services areas should also simplify administration and decentralization and reduce these transaction costs.

    Wans what I know is to build a house, except for the well -understanding stamps of fire protection and safety, and even the charters of cultural and sports departments must be covered. Sometimes there are no more than 100 stamps You want to sell this room. This means that either you have to send a house to these departments, or you have to take care of when you buy a house. The burden on the cost of transaction is very large. Therefore, taxes and transaction costs are the most compressed space.

    three questions: Let the real estate dealers cut the meat, do they want to be willing

    Liu Hongyu: From the perspective of past experience, developers' initiative to reduce prices is rare, mostly within the enterprise Under the action of financial pressure (such as liquidity pressure), or under the pressure of external markets, it is possible to achieve active price reductions.

    Qiu Tinglu: The first and second lines, the problems facing third and fourth -tier cities are different, and the strategies that developers should adopt should also be different. For example, in Hainan's real estate sales, more than 70%of customers are facing 30 provinces and cities across the country. Investment in the industry can complete Hainan real estate destocking through coordination and standards of the sales industry association.

    This price reduction is difficult to reduce the price of commercial housing. Commercial housing sales are market behaviors. At present, developers who are not moving in sales have basically dropped to the bottom line that they can bear before. Bad developers will not wait for the government to save them.

    Therefore, there may be three cases of reducing house prices: first, the company itself is reduced, but the space is not very large; second, the government should use the market regulatory means to allow difficult real estate development enterprises to reduce prices automatically price reductions to reduce prices automatically. For example, the sales subsidy or exempt from the taxes that some enterprises should pay, so that the cost of the enterprise will be reduced to the administrative means, so that the house prices have room for decline; third, the industry's destructive price reduction, that is, the large -scale cash flow of developers will break the broken cash flow breaks. , Large -scale enterprise bankruptcy, real estate companies sell for sale, investors abandon the house, and house prices will drop significantly. This is the result that everyone does not want to see.

    It, corporate mergers and reorganizations are a good way to solve real estate destocking. There are basically two types of enterprises that have slow sales at the moment. One is that the enterprise size is relatively small and the development cost is higher. The other is that there is no brand added value in corporate products, and no one buys the house sold at a very low price. Through the merger of large enterprises, some small enterprises do not have to reduce prices, and they can digest and have inventory. Indeed, it is necessary to reduce the cost of reducing cost development, and there is also room for price reduction.

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