3 thoughts on “How does WeChat group fission? How to split quickly”

  1. In fact, the fission of WeChat group is not as difficult as we think! Intersection Intersection
    The key point is to do the following three points:
    1. Establish a target user base.
    we need to do a good job of making any products. This is very important. Positioning your own products, the price range, and the accurate target crowd, and then make precise drainage. For example, what we do is for hot moms for hot moms. Groups, then we will publish information through relevant maternal and infant stickers, forums, etc., or find promotion channels.
    2. Get the trust of fans
    Is when our group reaches a certain number of people, remember not to be closely profitable. Do not frequently send products when someone enters the group or the number of groups. First of all, whether it is a group owner or an administrator, you must show your identity, self -introduction, and what services will provide you. Then it is to establish group rules and prepare words, such as prohibiting some vulgar advertisements, but can be sent for votes, because this is the group of everyone, helping each other, which will make the atmosphere in the group more active.
    3, publicity group values.
    We -time, we preach the mainstream ideology of users are healthy and positive. When we promoting groups and products, we must also put on a positive hat. The maintenance of WeChat group is indeed a difficult point. Usually, the WeChat group is only active when it was just established. But after a while, either become a zombie powder or an irrigation group, the quality of the group will be greatly reduced, and fans will not stay for a long time. Therefore, many people can only do temporary communities when they are engaged in activities, quickly pull fans into the group, and the group disbands the group. Such eyes are too short and too beneficial. It did not use the advantages of WeChat group fission to gain huge benefits.
    So the correct way to manage the WeChat group is to start with the values ​​of people. We usually say that the highest state of marketing is to make marketing no longer a must. When we have a subtle influence on fans' ideas and psychology, we They are definitely our loyal users. Such a fan value is indispensable.

  2. We have an artifact called the community living code, which spreads a normal QR code. After the user sweeps in, it will go to an intermediate page. This page is a normal group QR code. You can set 150 times for each scan. Automatically switch to the QR code of the new group, so that you can rest assured to promote it without worrying about the waste of traffic!

    In the public account "Little Fission" to reply "Know" and get the fission tool for free

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