5 thoughts on “What is the significance of the teacher's establishment of a parent group?”

  1. People with children in the family know that the current education method is getting more and more special. For example What the teacher said is what is. In fact, the reason why the parent group was set up was to better communicate with the parents, and some things sometimes notified the students to the students. Therefore, such a parent group was formed to facilitate communication between the two parties, but as time became longer, the significance of the parent group seemed to have changed.
    The meaning of the existence of the parent group is that parents and teachers can better communicate some issues about their children, but now the parent group seems to have become a place for some parents to compare, which has also led to more and more parents. I don't want to enter the so -called parent group, it doesn't make sense.
    In addition, the parent group sometimes becomes a group of tasks for teachers to arrange tasks for parents. When we were going to school before, I went home to do my homework obediently every day. I did it very late as soon as I did it. I never needed my parents to worry about it, but now it is different. When the child is signing the assignment, the operation of a series of operations is really troublesome, and I have to say that it is not easy for children to learn now.
    As the parent group becomes more and more changed, some speculative teachers have found a way to reduce their work pressure. Many things are directly arranged to parents. In fact, this is very wrong. After all, the teacher is the teacher. It is to teach and educate people. The issue of education should still be done by professional people, rather than the teacher's own trouble. If this is the meaning of the parent group in the future, then I think that such parental group is not as good as not. If you really want to set up a regular parent group, you still need to have some management rules.

  2. The teacher establishes a parent group for children. If you forget the school's notification, the teacher can notify the parents in time, and it is also convenient for the teacher to find parents in the group.

  3. The significance is to let parents know the situation of their children at school and notify the news in the group, so that the communication between teachers and parents can be facilitated.

  4. Easy to communicate and communicate. There are more parents. Teachers can facilitate teachers to communicate and arrange learning plans.

  5. The correct parent group is used to facilitate conveying all kinds of information and communicate with parents in school. This can directly convey the information to the parents very clearly.

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