31 teachers in Liaoning were deceived 4 million yuan in two months. How did they fall into this scam?

5 thoughts on “31 teachers in Liaoning were deceived 4 million yuan in two months. How did they fall into this scam?”

  1. 31 teachers in Liaoning were deceived 4 million yuan in two months. They entered the WeChat group of scammers. Then, under the influence of the group effect, they fell into the trap of the scammer step by step, thus being deceived a lot of cash. According to the description of the public security organs, the total number of teachers in Liaoning was deceived in Liaoning. Therefore, I hope that in life, we must pollute their eyes and add some group chats to avoid being deceived by themselves.
    . The amount of deceived teachers is huge. The reporter learned from the anti -telecommunications network fraud center of Shenyang City Public Security Organs in Liaoning Province that since the beginning of September to now, more than 30 teachers have been deceived in the WeChat group, and the amount involved has reached more than 4 million yuan. The matter was still serious, and the police later announced more detailed data. According to the incomplete statistics of the police, the deceived groups were relatively wide. Not only were young teachers, but also middle school teachers and university teachers.
    . WeChat group fraud. When the police investigated the cause of the fraud, they found that everyone was deceived in the WeChat group. Although when I first entered the WeChat group, I felt that the WeChat group was a bit weird, but people were curious, so in the face of such WeChat groups, they did not choose to withdraw, but chose to wait and see. In this way Eventually it became a participant. This is because the victim was affected by the group effect.
    . We must polish our eyes. The group effects and public commitments are all common terms in psychology. In MLM organizations, it is also a relatively common practice. The scammers allow some members to complete the expected tasks and make an example, and then affect other people in the group. In the long -term subtle way, the victim will feel that this behavior is normal. Therefore, I hope people must polish their eyes and don't join the unknown WeChat group.

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  2. After reading the report, these teachers have entered the single group. This group mainly uses the "group effect" method to deceive. A script will be prepared in advance. As the owners continue to hint, the entrances in the group make an example. , Sun -order, sun -collection, etc., the victims slowly believed in them, and then trapped in. After entering this group, they found that they should be reported in a timely manner.

  3. It may be that the scammers are cheating and deceived. Such scammers are also particularly clever, and they are basically deceiving them.

  4. In the world, if there is not much difference between the rich and the poor in the 30th year of the founding of the People's Republic of China, there will be no phenomenon of abduction. In order to compare a more advanced life, we do not choose to obtain wealth.

  5. They met the emotional scammers online, approached them with the purpose of falling in love, and then cheated a lot of money.

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