1 thought on “How to find the WeChat group in WeChat”

  1. In the first step, first open WeChat and click on the symbol at the top right of WeChat to enter. In the second step, choose the above -mentioned group chat. In the third step, click "Select a Group" again. At this point, WeChat will automatically screen all the WeChat groups you added. Finding the WeChat group you need in this way can save a lot of time.
    In on WeChat, find a WeChat friend who joins this WeChat group with you. Then click on the avatar of the WeChat friend to select more information at the bottom of the page. At this time, we clicked on the "I talk to her together with her" again. At this point, WeChat will pop up the WeChat group you share, and you can find the WeChat group you deleted.
    We we enter our WeChat name in the search box above the WeChat page. At this point, a group of chat options will pop up above the WeChat page. We click this group to chat to see all the WeChat groups we have added. At this time, just turn it over to find the WeChat group you need, it is fast and time -saving.

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