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  1. Activating partitions generally have these types of names: Activity screens, movement partitions, and partition walls are all collective names for activity partition products. Generally, they are used in various spaces such as hotels, conference halls, restaurants, etc. , And can make the decoration more high -end atmosphere, can start the role of one room, one bedroom and more.
    The active partition panel: mainly include melamine plates, splints, medium fiberboard
    Price: There are nothing more than these factors that affect the price of activity partitions. N soft bag: Add soft sponge on the surface of the partition panel, and add leather or fabric, the advantage is that the sound insulation effect is good, the comfort is good, and the aesthetic is better than a hard bag. Children's hands and feet are touched and touched.) Surface damage is prone to, because the panel is soft, and the soft bag is also because of softness, and sound insulation will be better than hard bags.
    It hard bags: Most of the melamine plates are used directly as a hard bag in the industry, because the surface of melamine plates already has decorative texture, and it can also be attached to the hard panel. Sex is cheap for soft bags.
    If area: This is the concept of similar scale production. Your overall area is large. The price of each square of the entire project is reduced. The smaller the area, the higher the price, the higher the price. It is necessary to install the manufacturer's door. In addition, the logistics costs and rail transportation costs shipped by the door panel are determined by the location, so the location is also one of the factors that affect the event partition quotation There are many, but the famous one is nothing more than the two
    prices of Guangcheng separation and famous craftsmen. The price of the partition is basically 500 ~ 1200/square meters. If your location is closer to the manufacturer, the lower the quote will

  2. With the further sublimation of intelligent technology, the international name is the mobile sound insulation wall. The earliest in China is called activity partition, moving partitions, moved partition walls, and height partitions. With the application of intelligent technology. There are many names now, and the partitions of Helgoa

  3. There is no basis for the top ten brands rankings. After all, there are many domestic event partition industries, and there are many strong partition manufacturers. But it is not that the expensive one must be suitable for you. After all, it is necessary to measure according to personal needs and budgets, and it feels that you can't find the supplier of a cheap too small brand. If there is no guarantee after -sales, there may be many problems in the later period, and then it may take more manpower and material resources to solve it. Selecting activity partitions depends on your live situation. The overall decoration and space requirements. The effect of material facial decoration process effects. Generally, manufacturers will show you some cases for your reference.

  4. Hefu Gao, Doma, Jugu Lai, Da La, Kelaver, Andershunno and so on. Based on your own cost budget combined with the prices of these brands, you can choose one that is suitable for you. Most brands can screen appropriate manufacturer cooperation based on on -site inspections, design plans and quotations!

  5. The company has the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has passed CNAS fire certification and "green building evaluation standards" environmental protection certification, which meets the national standard standards. At the same time, it also has a number of practical patents and appearance patents. Its products include: steel and aluminum mobile partitions, glass movement partitions, solid wood custom mobile partitions, aluminum frame assembly mobile partitions, all -steel fire prevention partitions and other series of partition products. Its main models are 65, 80, 100, ultra -high, arc, glass activity partitions, etc. At present, the Shangge partition series products have been successfully applied in government agencies, banquet halls, star hotels, hotels, exhibition halls, office buildings, conference rooms and other fields. The quality is trustworthy.

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