2 thoughts on “How should I ask how to do my connections?”

  1. You go to the Bao Gong APP to see it. There is a public circle for the engineer. There are rich human network resources. The project can be easily found in the circle.

  2. Running business, old customers introduced and friends introduced the highest order rate.
    In how to expand engineering cooperation connections, there are several methods and methods:
    1. Friends introduce friends
    2. Finding the same city activities of the industry network, or the search meeting of Baidu Engineering Human Revitalization)
    4. Add the industry contact WeChat group
    The know who you are looking for? Where? How to build a relationship? This is a systematic process, which is indispensable.
    How to better establish a relationship with them to communicate with them. On the one hand, you have to have your own project resources so that you can better conduct project exchanges or discussions with other business friends. If you have no resources as a newcomer, then seek truth from facts, say your own highlights, and you can help run the legs on the project; on the other hand, maintain a development cooperation mentality, and you can have to show himself, let more people pay attention to you; Finally, treat others sincerely, because each one may bring you opportunities for cooperation.

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