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  1. The industry generally refers to the categories of economic activities that produce similar products or have the same process or provide similar labor services, such as the food industry, the clothing industry, the machinery industry, the financial industry, and the mobile Internet industry. The following is the classic industry analysis report template I brought to you. Welcome to read.
    . Industry overview
    1. Industry profile
    industry name:
    industry profile Development speed, average profit level, main manufacturers
    . Industry life cycle analysis
    1. Market capacity
    2. Market growth rate, demand growth rate
    . The technical level of the product
    4. Product varieties
    5. Number of competitors and entrance barriers
    6. Conclusion: Industry life cycle. Phase judgment
    . Industry market structure analysis
    1 1 , Supply and demand relationship
    2. Number of competitors
    3. respective market share
    4. Power comparison
    5. Industry concentration
    . Industry competitive structure analysis r r
    1. Competition of existing companies in the industry
    The competition method (price, quality, service, brand), degree of intensity
    2. Threat of new entryrs
    , Natural monopoly, scale economy, funds, technology, resource supply)
    3. Supply chain analysis
    Plores*industry status, resource supply status, supplier replacement and importance, supplier concentration;
    The analysis of the dependence of suppliers in this industry (whether the skills, resources, and profit sources needed by the industry are closely related to the supplier)
    The dependence analysis of the supplier's dependence on the industry (the resources required by the supplier, the resources required by the supplier, the resources required by the supplier, Whether the source of profit is closely related to the industry, the replacement of the supplier, whether the industry is the only buyer)
    4. The alternative analysis of the alternative product
    The types of industry product substitutes involve the industry ;
    This alternative to the scale and growth rate of the industry's products;
    The advantages and disadvantages of alternatives and industry products, alternative analysis (technical and cost -instead)
    5. Factors of industry development
    1. The industry's requirements for resources and technology (capital -intensive, labor -intensive, technical dense)
    . Industry technological development trend, technological progress prospects
    3 3 The impact of national macro policies on the industry (encouragement, restrictions, and no impact)
    4. Industry technology development trends
    If international technology trends and development prospects
    international technology leading countries and companies' names Introduction, technical leadership
    The domestic technical level, development trend, gap with foreign technology
    The name, profile, technical leader of domestic technology leading companies
    5 2. Other possible constraints (resource constraints, environmental protection requirements, other requirements)
    6. Analysis of main manufacturers in the industry
    1. Basic situation
    company names, company equity structure, company asset scale, size of the company The company's business scope, the company's main products.
    . The situation of senior managers
    The names, age, background information such as the board of directors, general manager, deputy general manager
    3. Company financial analysis
    The company's main financial indicators and finance in recent years Report, financial status analysis
    4. Company business analysis
    company business category, income structure, level of business profit margins, company profit source analysis
    5. Company human resources analysis
    human resources Resource analysis: employee number, staff composition, technical personnel ratio, etc.
    6, company development prospects
    company development direction, strategic prospects, strategic goals

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