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  1. If you use a vivo mobile phone, you can refer to the following film method:
    1, when the film, first clean the phone screen, you can use a rubbing cloth, dust sticker to clean the stubborn dirt on the edge of the mobile phone. With the date of the date, there is no viscosity; the side of the date without the date is sticky;
    2, the use of auxiliary tools to cut a small part of the vacuum membrane, paste the side without the date, lean on the edge of the edge Paste the position well, leave a section for easy unveiling;
    3, the screen wipes it clean, tear off the side of the vacuum film, put the protective film on the screen, press it gently, squeeze out the bubbles;
    4, tear off the protective film with the date, the protective film is pasted.

  2. 100,000 cold knowledge
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  3. The method of mobile phone film is actually very simple. It is recommended that you search for "Linzi Mobile Phone Beauty Film Video" on Baidu to provide the technical support of the technical support of the mobile phone. Great returns have become the consensus of the industry. It is not surprising that a few cents to do more than one yuan, 20 yuan or even hundreds of yuan. Since the establishment of Linzi mobile phones, thousands of students have been taught or corresponding to all parts of the country. In the industry, we can achieve a win -win situation. We provide a novice mobile phone film package for everyone to select more. (I would rather make a penny of the boss, the boss who does not do one hundred points)
    The latest package
    1. If you don't think the envelope can be replaced by the screen

    2. The transparent 6.0-inch micro-glue LCD screen guarantee ------ it can be applied to any mobile phone, slightly micro gum Repeat paste, will not fall, and it is convenient to cut after posting, there will be no

    The phenomenon of cutting the edge of the edge of the film, strongly recommend
    3. ------ The mainstream electrostatic screen insurance on the market is suitable for any mobile phone. The membrane is not thick and easy to cut.
    3. Fruits and electrostatic LCD screen guarantee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and anti-scratching is suitable for all mobile phone screens
    4. ------ The glittering of the new membrane is higher and the grades are higher. The needs of yourself can also support you according to the best -selling.
    6. A surgery knife rack 1------- use the blade to use the diaphragm
    7. 2 packs of surgical knife blades -------- 10 pieces/pack with surgical knife frame use rn8.美工刀刀架1把---------划膜,要配合美工刀刀片使用.可以折断刀片,相当实惠,建议用在钢尺做参考线基础上划膜
    9. 1 box of beautiful workers and blade-10 pieces/box per piece can be broken 10 times per piece. Ibid, you need to use
    10. --------- Clear the dust of the mobile phone
    11. The cleaning agent 100ml 1 bottle ------- clean the screen stain
    12. -Wipe the body screen
    13. The perfunctioner is round 1 ------ In fact, this is not very practical, the punch is no problem, but it is not good at all. Therefore, no one is used in actual operation. Essence Mainly many businesses

    Ifs are being promoted, and they have become the hidden rules of the rules. It is recommended not to take it. It can be used to exchange the film
    14. Film
    15.20mm steel ruler 1------ make reference lines
    16. 10 pieces of eye rubbing cloth ------ Wipe screen bag push card
    17. Mobile phone model One ------ was used as a film exercise. The shape of the model is randomly sent
    18. 1 beauty needle-a capsule sendromer can also be used as a mobile phone to wear or jewelry
    19. Two double-sided billboards -------
    20. One full version of DVD teaching disc-high-definition original non-compressed film teaching disc, fine long, targeted, targeted, targeted powerful.
    21. All customers who take the package can enter the customer base of our Linzi mobile phone beauty. Entry as
    22. More knowledge is welcome to enter the Linzi mobile phone beauty website for details

    The overall summary as follows

    280低粘透明高清液晶膜50张 静电吸附高清液晶膜50张 磨砂静电液晶膜25张 钻石静电吸附膜25张 各种畅销型号原装膜50张(客户可以自己选型号,我们也可以按照The current best -selling model is provided for customers) full set of practical film tools cleaning agent set double -sided billboards, which can be folded full technical support (shipping customer supporting DVD full version teaching disc, online video teaching)

    Linzi mobile phone beauty was established in November 2007. At first, it was a college student entrepreneurial project. It was the earliest promotion project institution for mobile phone beauty projects. Establish a good cooperative relationship with many materials suppliers, have mobile phone film production capacity, and also operate mobile phone peripheral accessories accessories. It also provides entrepreneurial opportunities for many unemployed personnel, laid -off workers, part -time jobs, and sought part -time personnel. The mobile phone industry operator is provided with entrepreneurial opportunities. The customer group spreads in more than 300 cities and regions across the country. "Forest Mobile Beauty", "Forest Shippers Insurance", "Linzi FRP mobile phone film", "forest -proof scraping film" and "forest mobile phone film" are all personnel in the industry in the industry.内容rn 1.各种手机贴膜材料批发,工具批发,技术支持rn 2.各种中高端手机保护壳,原装品牌保护壳涵盖苹果,三星,小米,索尼,酷派,联想, Back -step high, Nokia, OPPO, Gionee and other well -known brands. At the same time, various universal leather cases can solve the needs of all mobile phone models on the market. Line, etc., the after-sales system is sound, all realize 1-6 months of quality problem packages
    4. Various mobile phone beauty-related instruments and equipment, mobile phone envelope machine, mobile phone plus incense machine, etc.
    5. Mobile phone Professional download system, no connected network, can achieve personalized and fast download according to the directory customer selection, regular, high profitability
    n products related n original protective film of mobile phone film
    Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Xiaomi, Xiaomi , Sony, Coolpad, Lenovo, step high, Nokia, OPPO, Gionee, Huawei, ZTE,
    high -definition film, scrub film, diamond film microne film, cartoon film, 3D film, mirror film, explosion -proof membrane film film
    GM cutting plaid film: 6 -inch 7 -inch 8 -inch 9 -inch 10 -inch A4 specifications, high transparent high scratch, high adsorption and other characteristics
    Film tools: Surgery knife Step bladder blades artwork blade blade card cleaning cleaning agent擦布打孔器rn自主贴膜品牌:林子易贴膜旗舰版,林子微胶膜,林子玻璃钢手机膜rn万能皮套:卡通万能皮套,水晶皮套,仿皮皮套, Lychee pattern leather case, cross pattern, rotating leather case, etc.
    The original leather case of various models: Samsung smart leather case, famous waves leather case, Apple series leather case
    Set, scrub shell, painted shell, soft rubber sleeve

  4. Hello
    First of all, the film is compared with the size, and the psychology has a number
    . Then the mobile phone is cleaned to ensure that there is no dust. Pay attention to the edge. There may be greasy dust on the edge. On that side, don't tear it all, to tear one third, then
    , and then to the side to see if there is any right to the positive
    and then use a bank card to put it on the first side. Push while tearing and push the second side after posting
    to see if there is any bubbles. Don’t touch the screen
    Professional films, welcome to ask

  5. First of all, the film is compared with the size, and the psychology has a number
    Then the mobile phone is cleaned to ensure that there is no dust. Pay attention to the edge. There may be greasy dust on the edge. After tearing, tear up one -third of it
    and then to the side to see if there is any positive
    and then use a bank card bag to put on the first side, push the first side, push the side r while tearing n After posting, tear off the second side
    It to see if there is any bubbles. If you have some, use the dust removal cloth

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