1 thought on “Which foot therapy store in Taiyuan does not need to get a card”

  1. Taiyuan Football Store does not need to do cards: Taiyuan Huafei Football Store. Taiyuan Huafei Football Store is a high -level, healthy and leisure national chain entertainment venue with massaging operations as its main business method. Unlike ordinary singing halls and ballrooms, the products are mainly boxes, drinks, beverages and meals. Since the prevailing in Taiwan in the early 1980s, Taiyuan Huafei Football Store has become the first brand of this industry and the strongest brand in the KTV industry. Since 1994, more than ten branches have been opened in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan, Changsha, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. You can take a look at it. Therefore, no card is required.

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