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    The banks cover traditional commercial banks, investment banks and insurance business areas, and provide comprehensive and high -quality financial services to individual customers and company customers worldwide. Bank of China's main commercial banks, including companies, retail and financial institutions. The retail business is mainly aimed at the financial needs of individual customers, providing a full set of services based on bank cards. The business of financial institutions is to provide comprehensive services such as international exchange, capital liquidation, interbank borrowing, and hosting for other banks, securities companies and insurance companies. At present, in the fields of foreign exchange deposits, international settlement, foreign exchange funds and trade financing, it still leads its leading position. According to the British "Bank of Film" in 2003, the Bank of China ranked 15th in the world and ranked first in the banking industry. It is the most powerful bank in China.

    The personal business of Bank of China is:
    deposit services

    The introduction of deposit service Savings deposit foreign currency savings deposit deposit education savings, personal checks, personal checks of green deposits deposit deposit certificate certificates Foreign currency carrying license etiquette deposit form

    comprehensive loan service

    Foreign exchange wealth management


    Mim wealth management

    Fund investment service securities investment service national bond investment insurance agency services

    bank card
    n about BOC Card China Silver Credit Card BOC VISA Olympic Credit Card BOC Great Wall International Card BOC Great Wall RMB Card China Unicom Visa Credit Card Great Wall Electronic Card Great Wall Card Banking Card Services China Silver Promoting Merchants Online Wonderful Customer Service
    n remittances and remittances and remittances and remittances Forex settlement

    The travel checks Settlement in China for private purchase foreign currency exchange global remittance light ticket collection and remittance

    convenience service
    n rental box rental Payment service paid service

    In overseas financial services

    one -stop service for studying abroad n
    Electronic banking service

    electronic electronics Bank business review Personal Online Banking 95566 Customer Service Center

    The enterprise business includes:

    deposit business

    Certificate of Deposit of Unit Agreement

    Financing business

    The new financing business special financing business of traditional loan business trade financing business

    Clash settlement settlement r

    The domestic payment settlement account service payment tool China Yinhui Star Domestic Credit Certificate

    In international settlement

    imported Hui Lida export Quanyida letter of credit business collection Business remittance business security letter business factoring business international settlement financing business special trade settlement processing trade deposit account report survey business credit investigation business branch consultation telephone international settlement business
    n fund business
    n n n n R n product and service professional team fund school information disclosure hot -selling fund related links

    Corns wealth management services

    Business Cash Management Agent Gold Exchange precious metal trading

    financial institution service

    proxy insurance service agent policy bank loan agent clearing And custody service settlement service preservation and asset value -added services other special services

    electronic banking services

    Electronic banking business review Enterprise online banking 95566 customer service center

    asset disposal

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